News & Events:


News & Events:


We are hosting our 2016 AGM on June 22nd from 12-1pm in the Community Room at Peoples' Place Library in Antigonish.  We hope that you will join us to hear an update of BaBE's activities. Thanks to all of our volunteers!

Regular Meetings:

BaBE Antigonish meetings have begun again. Contact us for information if you would like to join us. Regular dates will be posted soon!

Bracelet Campaign:

BaBE recently launched a bracelet campaign.  Keep an eye out for the BaBE bracelet (it is also an elastic band) - it looks like this:

Suggested uses for the BaBE Elastic Band:

* If you are a community member, you can wear the band to show your support for efforts to build a breastfeeding environment.

* If you are a breastfeeding mother, you can wear the BaBE elastic band on your wrist to help you remember what side your baby last fed on.

* The band can also be used to do anything a regular elastic band can do!  

* If you want one for yourself, you can send us an email request or pick one up at any of the following locations in Antigonish:  Tall and Small cafe, People‚Äôs Place Library or, the Waffle Wagon.

BaBE t-Shirt:

Contact us to get a BaBE t-shirt!

$ 10 adults

$ 5 kids