The very existence of this year's season is due to the generosity, loyalty, and kindness of our subscribers and the StFX faculty. A very moving post on the website of Tafelmusik is very gratifying.

We look forward to bringing you more of the best in classical and world music and entertainment.

For up-to-date information on upcoming concerts, cancellations, etc, check out our Facebook page!


Tickets may be purchased at the door or by subscription. Tickets at the door cost $20 for regular admission, $15 for seniors and $5 for students. Tickets for Tafelmusik are $40 for regular admission, $30 for seniors, and $10 for students. For a subscription form, as well as a printable schedule, click here.

How to Find Us

All concerts, unless otherwise noted, are at 8:00 pm in Immaculata Auditorium, on the St. FX campus in Antigonish. Immaculata is on St. Ninian Street, between Notre Dame Avenue and Hillcrest Street.