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                           Margo C Watt                                   


         Office:      902-867- 5215       Annex 12D
         Lab:         902-867-3869        Annex 12C, 12H      
         Fax:          902-867-5189



Introduction to Clinical Psychology [PSYC 379.10]
Forensic Psychology [PSYC 380]


Academic Background/Appointments/Awards

Professional Background

2005-present         Private Clinical Practice, New Glasgow, NS

1998-present         Forensic Risk Assessor, Correctional Service Canada

Research Activities  

Research Assistants


Dissertation/Thesis  Students         

    Andrea Ennis         Clinical Psychology Masters program, Acadia University            2012-present


Honours Students  2013-2014

    Catherine Gallagher


I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.

- Winston Churchill


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Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

 ~ Winston Churchill  


   Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, (30 November 1874 24 January 1965) was an English politician and author, best known as Prime Minister of Britain during the Second World War. Well known as orator, strategist, diplomat, and politician, Churchill was one of the most important leaders in modern British and world history. He won the 1953 Nobel Prize in Literature for his many books on English and world history. Sir Winston Churchill was voted the Greatest-ever Briton in the 2002 BBC poll the 100 Greatest Britons.