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Details about the structure of the conference, as well as topics to be addressed by keynote speeches can be found here.

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This section of the site is reserved for recognition of those funding partners that will make the 1st Canadian National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference possible!


Prof. William Sweet
Dept. of Philosophy
St Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5
tel: 1 902 867 2341
fax: 1 902 867 3243
e-mail: wsweet@stfx.ca
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Dept. of Philosophy
St Francis Xavier University

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Centre for 

Philosophy, Theology, and Cultural Traditions

St Francis Xavier University

The aim of the Centre is to enable scholars and students to pursue research that involves understanding and assessing reciprocal influences and intellectual claims of philo- sophy, religion (in particular, Christianity), and cultural traditions.

The Centre draws on the strong religious and cultural traditions at St Francis Xavier, the intellectual resources of its faculty, and its library in the areas of philosophy, theology, religious studies, philosophical theology, political and social theory, and cross-cultural philosophy of religion.

The Centre sponsors periodic colloquia, round tables, and conferences at St Francis Xavier, but also nationally and internationally. (Themes include religion and technology, dialogue and tradition, cross cultural religious truth, body and spirit.)

The Centre contributes to the publication of a bi-annual Research Bulletin and a web site, and to the journal, Philosophy, Culture, and Traditions

It also publishes (electronically) a ‘working papers’ series—a set of ‘pre-publication’ discussion papers, usually based on texts presented at the Centre's workshops and colloquia—providing additional opportunities for the exchange of ideas and research results.

The Centre builds on existing relationships with both national and international scholarly associations and academic institutions in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Central and Southern Africa.

The Centre is managed by a Director and an Associate Director. It also draws on the advice of an Advisory Council comprised of local, national, and international scholars.