The Centre for Philosophy, Theology, and Cultural Traditions


is pleased to welcome its first visitor, sponsored by the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute


Prof. S. Paneerselvam, of the Department of Philosophy, University of Madras, will be associated with the Centre from May 26 until June 22 to work on the theme of Multiculturalism as a Political Discourse practised in Canada and India: A Post-Modern Perspective.”  


Dr Paneerselvam has previously participated in research seminars in India and Germany on a range of themes, such as "The Post-secular and Post-religious Discourses on Religion and Secularity: Emerging Frameworks in the Indian Context," His research includes work on the Post-Modern Turn from the Indian Perspective, on contemporary Hermeneutics, and on the writings of the Indian philosopher, D.P. Chattopadhyaya.

Dr Paneerselvam will participate in the work of the Centre, in association with the research of
Professor William Sweet, on European influences in modern Indian philosophy.

The Centre will host several other visiting academics from the United States and Canada during the summer months. In the fall of 2003 it will co-sponsor the visit of the Prof. Alan P.F. Sell, Professor Emeritus of Theology from the United Theological College, Aberystwyth, Wales, and holder of the 2003 Jules Leger Chair in the Humanities.

Established in 2002, the aim of the Centre for Philosophy, Theology, and Cultural Traditions is to enable scholars and students to pursue research that involves understanding and assessing reciprocal influences and intellectual claims of philosophy, religion, and cultural traditions.


The Centre contributes to the publication of a bi-annual Research Bulletin and a web site, and to the journal, Philosophy, Culture, and Traditions


It also publishes (electronically) a ‘working papers’ series—a set of ‘pre-publication’ discussion papers, usually based on texts presented at the Centre's workshops and colloquia—providing additional opportunities for the exchange of ideas and research results.


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