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Here you will find the mission statement, as well as other basic information about the conference.

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Interested in attending the conference? You should find all the information you need here. If not, feel free to e-mail us at the address on the bottom of the page!

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Details about the structure of the conference, as well as topics to be addressed by keynote speeches can be found here.

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This section of the site is reserved for recognition of those funding partners that will make the 1st Canadian National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference possible!

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Current Collaborative Projects:


Past Visitors to the Centre

Current Collaborative Projects

1) Philosophy, Religion, and Democracy

2) Globalization, Religion, and the ethical challenges of sustainability

3) Rights, Responsibilities, and Tradition

4) Religious Language and Religious Belief

5) Afrikaner and British Cultural Traditions and Philosophy in Southern Africa:

6) Western Influences on Indian Philosophical Traditions:

7) Body and Spirit

8) Chinese and Western  Philosophy

9) Science, Religion, and Philosophy

10) Natural Law and Natural Right