Dave's Bookmarks

Created by David MacDonald B.Ed. Student at St. F.X.U. Fall 1999


StatView Software
StatView packs data management, statistical analyses, and presentation tools into a single intuitive and coherent

desktop software package that anyone can use with ease.
Mathematica: The Complete Solution
From simple calculator operations to large-scale programming and interactive document preparation, Mathematica is the tool of choice at the frontiers of scientific research, in engineering analysis and modelling, in technical education

from high school to graduate school, and wherever quantitative methods are used.
Waterloo Maple: Home
Waterloo Maple is the innovation leader in analytical software technology. Its products are recognized as the most powerful and flexible, and cost-effective solution to modern educational and industry challenges.
Welcome to MathSoft, Inc.
Mathcad 2000 Professional offers an unmatched level of functionality and features for accurately solving and analyzing a broad array of technical problems, from the simple to the complex.
Macsyma Inc. is the home of easy to use, powerful math software for symbolic and numeric computing.
The Integrator
The power to do integrals like never before.
Color Mathematics
Site that offers free software that relies heavily on visual images to be used in the math classroom

Integration of Computers

Reinventing Schools: The Technology Is Now!
Site prepared by a panel of experts as a result of the convocation entitled "Reinventing Schools" The Technology is Now." Adds insight into the debate of technology in the classroom.
Educational Chat Forums
A free way to link classrooms and children internationally via the computer.
The Compute-Ed Electronic Journal
An electronic journal of learning and teaching with and about teechnology
Consortium for School Networking Homepage - Frames Version
CoSN, a non-profit organization, promotes the use of telecommunications in K-12 education to improve learning.
Interactive Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization
This Resource for Science Education Program Project is designed for secondary science and math educators interested in

integrating Web-based resources into their curriculum. Resources evaluated here were found to be exemplary based on cost,
student engagement, and National Standards.
Technology Tools for Today's Campuses
The goal of Technology Tools for Today's Campuses is to provide you with informative, sometimes intimate, accounts of colleagues who have agreed to share with others their encounters with using technology in their classes.
Teaching with Electronic Technology
The World Wide Web sites collected on this page reflect the considerable variety of uses for computing and related forms of electronic technology in teaching.

Classroom Management

Cliff Notes to Classroom Discipline
A site to assist teachers that are in need of information on classroom management and discipline.
Organization and Management of the Classroom
Discusses a number of factors which may be included in the plan for setting up the classroom and how to consistently apply this plan so that classrooms become more effective.
What is your classroom management profile?
12 questions that define your classroom management profile.
Schoolwide and Classroom Discipline
Discusses research done in the areas of: teacher training, specific discipline problems, disciplining different types of

students and ineffective disciplinary practices.
Teachers Helping Teachers
Submissions by various teachers on how they manage their classrooms

General References

Discovery Channel School - Search
Goal is to provide innovative online materials for teachers and students, using the

resources of Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Animal Planet, and the Travel Channel.
PBS TeacherSource
PBS Online works in partnership with PBS member stations and independent producers to create a premier digital service advancing education, culture and citizenship through distinctive, interactive programming and technologies that impact people's lives.
Canadian Education on the Web
he purpose of Canadian Education on the Web is to bring together everything relating to Canada and education that has a presence on the World Wide Web.
Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture
Provincial government site that deals with information on teaching and learning in Nova Scotia
Canada's SchoolNet / Rescol canadien
Established in 1993, Canada's SchoolNet is designed to promote the effective use of information technology amongst Canadians by helping Canadian schools and public libraries connect to the Internet.
Global Schoolhouse
a non-profit, public service organization that focuses on using communications technologies to support learning.
K-12: Table of Contents
ThisSite is designed to provide teachers with direct source materials, lesson plans / classroom activities with a minimum of site-to-site linking, and to provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the teacher who is learning to use the Internet.
Teachnet.Com / Brainstorm of the Day
Smart tools for busy teachers
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
A categorized list of sites on the Internet found to be useful for enhancing curriculum and teacher professional growth.
General Info, Lists, Resources, Unions, etc.
Excellent list of links that deals with everything from provincial teacher's unions to teaching internationally.


Folder dedicated to security issues on the web.

Index to the new YOUTH WATCH
Internet Security and Safety Programs
PC Magazine article that deals with maintaining privacy in the digital age.
Information about computer viruses on the Web
The WWW Security FAQ
Frequently asked questions concerning security on the Web
Internet Security & Child-Proofing Tour
Suggests what can we do to prevent our children/students from accessing objectionable material.


Folder dedicated to science education sites.
Periodic Table of the Elements
Easy to use on-line periodic table that provides information on each element
Chemical Elements.com
An Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
LBL ITG Whole Frog Project
The goal of the Whole Frog Project is to provide high school biology classes the ability to explore the anatomy of a frog by using data from high resolution MRI imaging and from mechanical sectioning, together with 3D surface and volume rendering software to visualize the anatomical structures of the intact animal.
SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Educational Stuff
Information on aquatic life provided by SeaWorld Florida Education Department.
Wildlife Index
Index of information on Canadian Wildlife provided by Environment Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Service
Diversity of Life
A Sea World Education Department Publication in which students will recognize the importance of diversity and the role that interdependency plays in our world.
Access Excellence
The site for Health and Bioscience teachers and learners.
Pictures of plants to be used for non-profit educational purposes.
NASA Homepage
Site committed to spreading the unique knowledge that flows from NASA's aeronautics and space research.
Bill Nye the Science Guy's Nye Labs Online
Site designed to complement the famous T.V. show.
Ask Dr. Science!
Ask Dr. Science questions or have the questions and answers sent to you.
Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame
Site dedicated to significant Canadian scientists and engineers.
National Science Teachers Association
Site that discusses the issues facing the N.S.T.A.
Newton's Apple Index
A resource site that complments the popular T.V. show
Forensic Science Project
This website is designed to provide teachers with a hands on science unit based on forensic science.
Images of Insects and their Relatives
Welcome to How Stuff Works!
Helps people to understand the things they see around them every day.
Welcome To Fisher Science Education
Site developed by Fisher Science to help aid teachers achieve excellence.
A guide to Biology and Chemistry Educational Resources on the Web
The Electric Club
Activities and experiments that deal with electricity and electrons.
Geology in the Classroom
Geologists who volunteer to answer geolgy based questions
Virtual Flylab
Virtual FlyLab is an educational application for learning the principles of genetic inheritance.
Chemical Stuff
Chemical Concepts, Experiments, Calculations, and Tests
Chemistry Teacher Support
Site that uses the text 'Chemistry: Visualizing Matter' to guide the lessons provided.
This area has been provided as a forum for interested persons to pose questions on topics related to the geosciences in Canada
The Atlantic Science Curriculum Project (ASCP) was initiated in Halifax, Nova Scotia during 1976-77 as an

inter-university, interprovincial collaborative effort to improve science education in the M aritime Provinces of Canada.
NSTA: Scope, Sequence, and Coordination
Site dedicated to demonstrating proper lab techniques.
Amazing Space Web-Based Activities
Interactive 'space' lessons that use the images provided by the Hubble Space Telescope.
The Nine Planets
The Nine Planets is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and

moons in our solar system. Each page has text and images, some have sounds and movies, most provide references to additional related information.
* National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) *
NCDC is the world's largest active archive of weather data. (Use info for classroom activities)
The Tree of Life Home Page
The Tree of Life is a project containing information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics. The information is linked together in the form of the evolutionary tree that connects all organisms to each other.
A complete illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware
An extensive resource material on general computer information.
Volcano World -- The Premier Source of Volcano Info on the Web
Everything you wanted to know about volcanoes.
Women in Science
an overview of several women of past and present who are involved in science
Welcome to WhaleNet at Wheelock College, Boston
An interactive educational web site which focuses on whales and marine research.
Understanding: Electricity - Related Resources (9-12 - physical science)
A variety of resources,including Internet links, related products, and suggested readings from our professional reference librarian at the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC).
Chemical Carousel: A Trip Around the Carbon Cycle
Shows in a 'fun to learn atmosphere' the carbon cycle and its implications.
Human Anatomy Online - InnerBody.com
A detailed site dealing with human anatomy.
SciCentral: K-12 Science
Portal to science and technology resources on the Internet. Extremley well presented.
Welcome to the Sci-Filer Homepage
A starting point for science teachers and their students as they search for science on  the web.
The Physics Connexion
A useful site for Physics students and teachers
How Things Work
Answers and explanations to individuals who pose scientific questions.
maranGraphics Computer Dictionary
A computer dictionary. Definitions of words associated with computers.
TekMom's Student Page
Technology buzzwords for students.
Neuroscience for Kids - The Senses
Lesson plans that explore the human senses.
Earthquake Information from the USGS
Site dedicated to providing up to date earthquake information from around the world.
Endangered Animals of the World
A display of some of the many endangered species around the world
IPL Science Fair Project Resource Guide
Provides a list of resources to help complete a science fair project, including ideas, samples, resources....
EnviroLink Home Page
EnviroLink is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive, up-to-date environmental resources available.
UCMP Web Lift to Taxa
On-line taxa guide


Folder dedicated to mathematics education sites.
Math Word Problems for Children
The goal of this web site is to help grade school children improve their math problem-solving skills.
The American Mathematical Society was founded in 1888 to further mathematical research and scholarship.It fulfills its mission through programs that promote mathematical research, increase the awareness of the value of mathematics to society, and foster excellence in mathematics education.
Suzanne Alejandre:
Spreadsheet lessons for math classes
A+ Math
This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.
Math Forum - Mathematics Education
World Wide Web Resources for Mathematics Education
Statistics Canada - Canada's national statistical agency profiling Canada's business, economy and society.
Statistics Canada is the country's national statistical agency, with programs organized into three broad subject matter areas: demographic and social, socio-economic and economic.
SMARD Website
Mathematics Archives
Links to lessons and tutorials for math classes
Crossroads in Mathematics
Unique problems (different topics) for math classes
Math Forum Home Page
An online community of teachers, students, researchers, parents, educators, and citizens at all levels who have an interest in math and math education
Number Puzzles
A different way to ask math problems.(Good for tests and exams.) Solutions provided.
TeacherSource: MATHLINE: Math Classroom
PBS MATHLINE is a teacher resource service of public television utilizing the power of telecommunications to provide quality resources and services to teachers of mathematics grades, K-12.
The Museum of HP Calculators
The Museum of HP Calculators displays and describes Hewlett-Packard calculators introduced from 1968 to 1986 plus a few interesting later models.
An interactive math site that covers a wide variety of topics.
Appetizers and Lessons for Maths and Reason.
Frequently Asked Questions in Mathematics
The FAQ list is a compilation of knowledge of interest to most professional and amateur mathematicians, ranging from advanced topics such as Wiles' proposed proof to Fermat's Last Theorem to the list of Fields Medal winners.
The Home Page for Users of TI Calculators and Educational Solutions
A broad selection of information and items you can download that apply Texas Instruement products. (One of my favorite sites)
Algebra Online
a free service designed to allow students, parents, and educators throughout the world to communicate. This includes free private tutoring, live chat, and a message board, among many other features. Questions and discussions relating to all levels of mathematics (not just Algebra) are welcome.
Interactive Mathematics Online
An interactive math site that covers important topics. Very straight forward.
Univ of Exeter: Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - Welcome
a focus for research and curriculum development in Mathematics teaching and learning with the unifying aim of enhancing mathematical progress in schools and colleges.
Karl's Calculus Tutor
Tutorial and on-line help.
CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics
Encyclopedia of math information. Could be very useful.
Word Problems For Kids
This Web Site contains word problems for students and teachers. The problems are classified into grade levels from Grade 5 to Grade 12.
Math Central
Math Central is a service for people involved in mathematics education from kindergarden to grade twelve -- a meeting place for teachers to share resources, a service to teachers, students and parents who may need an answer to a mathematical question and a facility to allow teachers to carry on a dialogue amongst themselves.
History of Mathematics
The archive contains the biographies of more than 1300 mathematicians. You can access them from a selection of Alphabetical or

Chronological Biographical indexes.
Mathemagic Activities
Math activities and problems that will seem like magic.
The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
A question and answer service for K-12 math students and their teachers.
Dave's Math Tables
A well designed site that presents often difficult math topics in a clear, easy to understand table format.
Mathematics Center
The Mathematics Center at Education Place provides K-8 resources for teachers,

students, and parents.
Math Project Ideas
This site is intended to be a source of project ideas
21st Century Problem Solving
A modern approach to reliable problem solving across the curriculum.
The Event Inventor by Kye's World
The purpose of this site is to help people

have fun while learning about science,
math and technology.
Welcome to nctm.org
A Service of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Cynthia Lanius' Homepage
An excellent site for lesson plans and activities. (One of my favorites)
New Math Teachers
To give new math teachers ideas and suggestions to help with their teaching.
Interactive Mathematics
Miscellany and Puzzles
Math Help Professor Freedman
This site provides information about basic math and algebra and specifically addresses the

needs of the community college adult learner.
Cool Math - Welcome to COOLMATH.COM by Karen!!
Another well designed interactive math site. Covers some very important topics.
Casio Education - Index (Home) Page
This site is dedicated to the enhancement of mathematics education and the use of

technology to improve the learning and teaching of mathematics.
The Math Humor Page
A funny site that provides good material to use at the start of a math class.
Math Internet Projects and Activities
WWW addresses which use and apply mathematics on the Internet.
Online Math Applications
This site teaches kids of all ages a simple and interesting approach to math that applies to real world

MegaMath Text Menu
The MegaMath project is intended to bring unusual and important mathematical

ideas to elementary school classrooms so that young people and their teachers can think about them together.
Mathematics Archives - Other K-12 Software Sites
WWW links to sites which have a significant collection of mathematical software which can be used in

the K-12 classroom.
Mathematics Lessons Database
A database of Internet-based lessons in mathematics and programs related to teaching mathematics.
Mathematics Education
Resources for Math Teachers
Mathematical Quotation Server
This page points to a collection of mathematical quotations culled from many sources.
NRICH Mathematics Enrichment Club (index.html)
The project aims to establish a permanent national centre for

curriculum enrichment to provide mathematical learning support for
very able children of all ages.
The Math Forum Algebra Problem of the Week
A new interesting algebra problem every week. Archieves available.
Internet Resources for Elementary Mathematics Educators
Resources that are useful to the elementary math teacher, student teacher, or perservice math teacher, as well as sites that are suitable for use in the math classroom by students or by parents of the elementary math student.