Religious Studies 200: Introduction to Religious Ethics


Tentative Schedule of Classes and Assignments, Spring Term 2011-2012


Week One



5 Introduction to Abrahamic Traditions


Week Two


10 History of Judaism

            Reading: UWR 55-83


12 Foundations of Judaism: The Covenant

            Reading: Exodus 19-24


Week Three


17 Social Justice in Judaism

            Reading: Book of Amos


19 Current Issues in Jewish Ethics


Week Four


24 History of Christianity

            Reading: UWR 85-115


26 No class – Dr. Kennedy Away – View film on-line



Week Five


31 Discussion of Film, “The Strangest Dream”; Christian Ethics

            Reading: Augustine, On True Religion



2 Foundations of Christian Ethics

            Reading: Aquinas, Summa theologiae, in McInerny (pp. 482-550)


Week Six


7 Modern Ethics

            Reading: Kant, Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals


9 Review


Week Seven


14 Mid-Term Examination


16 Christian Social Ethics

            Reading: UWR 227-252


Reading Week


Week Eight


28 Introduction to Islam

            Reading: UWR 117-147



1 Foundations of Muslim Ethics

            Reading: Qur’an


Week Nine


6 Social Justice in Muslim Thought


8 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

            Reading: UWR 189-226


Week Ten


13 Issues in Islamic Jurisprudence

            Reading: TBA


15 Islam and the West


Week Eleven


20 Liberation Theologies

            Reading: UWR 253-276


22 Methods of Ethics and the Question of Liberation


Week Twelve


27 Just War Theory                  Research Paper Due

            Reading: UWR 303-332


29 Religion and Violence: East and West


Week Thirteen



3 Native American Worldviews

            Reading: UWR 149-168


5 Ecology and Environmental Ethics


Week Fourteen


10 Review