HTML Basics



<h1>..</h1> Header 1. h1 is the largest header.


<h2>..</h2> Header 2. h2 is a smaller header.


<b>..</b> Bold. Makes everything between the tags bold faced.


<p> Paragraph. Gives a blank line.


<hr> Hard return. Gives a faint line across the screen.


<br> Break. Used to terminate a line.


URL <a href="URL">Name of URL</A>

Example <a href="">StFX Home Page</A>


URL Local <a href="filename.html">Name of File</A>

Example <a href="welcome.html">Home Page</A>


Image <img src="filename.gif"> Gif in home directory.

Example <img src="devil.gif">


Image <img src="images/filename.gif"> Gif in images directory.

Example <img src="images/devil.gif">


Image X <img src="/icons/filename.gif"> Gif in x directory.

Example <img src="/icons/xlogo-medium-t.gif">


Mailto <a href="></a>


Lists <ul> Numbered List <ol>

<li>Item 1 <li>First item

<li>Item 2 <li>Second item

</li> </ol>


Named Lists <a name="top">Top</a> This could be the top of your page.

<a href="#top">Up to top</a> This goes to top.




The Minimum Page




<title>In Here Type Your Title for Your Home Page</title>


<h1>This is your header which shows at the top of your page</h1>


In this part, type in your page.