DBMS Assignment #1

1. Create a database called family1.

2. For fields use: Last Name
		 First Name
		 Hair Color
		 Eye Color
3. Create the form for the above fields.

4. Enter your data for your family for the above fields.

5. Print out a report of your family database, 
    in the standard table format
    The print out should have your name and course (CS 316:2X)
     in the page header (top of the page) and the date and 
     classroom row number in a page footer (at the bottom of the
    Be careful of a page footer or a report footer.
    Also print out the form for each member of your family, one 
   form for the family is not sufficient.

6. Additional points will be given if you do more than required.

7. Please put your table first and do not have a front page
 to this assignment.

8. This assignment is due one week from today.

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