DBMS/PIM Software List

INFO 316 -- Software List & URLs
  Name of Software Company   URL Trial/Beta/Demo
  Access Microsoft   http://www.microsoft.com/  
  Alpha Alpha   http://www.alphasoftware.com/  
  Approach Lotus   http://www.lotus.com/  
  DataEase DataEase   http://www.sapphiresoft.com/  
  dBase Inprise   http://www.inprise.com/  
  File Maker Pro Claris   http://www.claris.com/index.html  
  Fox Pro Microsoft   http://www.microsoft.com/  
  Paradox Corel   http://www.corel.com/  
  Clarion TopSpeed   http://www.topspeed.com/  
  R: Base* MicroRim   http://www.microrim.com/ B,D
  Oracle Personal Oracle   http://www.oracle.com/ T
  Clarisworks Claris   http://www.claris.com/index.html  
  Ascend* Franklin Quest   http://www.franklinquest.com/  
  Desk Top Set Okna   http://www.okna.com/  
  Ecco Pro Netmanage   http://www.netmanage.com/  
  Maximizer Maximizer   http://www.maximizer.com/main.htm  
  Organizer Lotus   http://www.lotus.com/  
  Act!* Symantec   http://www.symantec.com/ T
  Contact Janna   http://www.janna.com/ B
  Day Timer* DT Organizer   http://www.daytimer.com/ T
  Goldmine Goldmine SW   http://www.goldminesw.com/ T,D
  Internet Sidekick* Starfish SW   http://www.starfishsoftware.com/ T
  Now Up-to-Date * Now Software   http://www.nowsoft.com/ T
  AnyTime* Individual Software   http://www.individualsoftware.com/  
  AMF Daily Planner & PIM* AMF Software   http://www.amfsoftware.com/windows.html T
* Software NOT installed in the Annex 123 Computer Lab
Trial/Beta/Demo software are freely downloadable from web site and used for a limited period
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Updated on 1/2/99