Hello! Jeeze, this font seems so small compared to my grand entrance,
oh well...I'm Sarah and this is my page. The only possible reason you found
me is either because you know me or know someone who knows me. Either way,
it's kind of redundant to talk about myself too much.

For those dying of anticipation though, I'm going into my fourth year of University
at St.F.X in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Personally, I think I've been in
this town long enough.. I wasn't always here though. I was born in Halifax,
Nova Scotia.. moved to San Diego California when I was 4, moved to St. Thomas, US
Virgin Islands when I was 11 and back here again (sigh)

It's kind of funny actually, the art of creating HTML has gone down
the tubes since page composers and that sort came along. No disrespect
to the companies pumping out all this easy to use software or anything,
but ya just don't have to work at it like you used to. :) I'm proud to say
I'm doing this all my hand.. or keyboard as it may be...

If you want to learn a lot about me, check out the personal site...

Here are some x-ring pictures guys! <a href="http://www.stfx.ca/people/x96/x96vum/xring.html">Click Here

e-mail: x96vum@stfx.ca