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Antigonish NS – September 23, 1999 – Dr. Sean Riley, President of St. Francis Xavier University today announced the establishment of  The Gerald Schwartz School of Business and Information Systems and a special student endowment named the Onex Corporation Gold Medal.

The Schwartz School will integrate the faculty expertise and technological resources from the departments of Business Administration and Information Systems at StFX along with strategic initiatives to include specialized programs in management and technology; innovative partnerships with industry and government;  and expanded out-placement programs.  The Onex Corporation Gold Medal will reward excellence in academics and will be awarded to the top-graduating student of The Schwartz School each year.

Gerald Schwartz, founder and CEO of Onex Corporation, has made a multi-million dollar donation to StFX to provide for the development of the School.  As well, SAP Canada Inc. also announced today it is partnering with the School and StFX by providing an in-kind gift valued at $1.3 million for software technology and training opportunities benefiting both faculty and students.

SAP Canada Inc., a subsidiary of SAP AG (NYSE: ADR SAP), the leading provider of inter-enterprise software solutions, leverages its strength in industry-focused business software and the world’s largest enterprise software customer base to deliver™. provides an open collaborative business environment of personalized solutions on demand.  SAP® R/3™ software is the foundation for companies of all sizes and industries to benefit from the world of e-business with  SAP will be integrated into several courses, including programming, operations management, e-commerce, accounting, and management information systems.  SAP software solutions will enable students to learn state-of-the-art enterprise management techniques to enhance their marketability in the business world upon graduation.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Gerald Schwartz pointed out that business is built on people, education and innovation: “StFX has an innovative plan.  In today’s business world management and technology are inextricably bound together by discovery and progress.  StFX has recognized this important fact in its undergraduate business program as it prepares executives for the new millennium.  For almost 150 years, StFX has demonstrated that it is a strong undergraduate university with exciting ideas, forging new frontiers and ensuring the bright minds of today become the business leaders of tomorrow,” said Mr. Schwartz.

Over 25-percent of StFX students currently enroll in Business and Information Systems.  The Gerald Schwartz School of Business and Information Systems will attract students to a program that will deliver the best education possible with top-quality faculty giving them the skills needed for management in the technological world of the 21st century.

“The leadership shown by Gerald Schwartz today celebrates the importance of education in the new business world,” said StFX University president Dr. Sean Riley.  “Mr. Schwartz knows how determination and personal commitment can make things happen.  The Schwartz School will be a premier intellectual arena that will foster dynamic business and information technology leaders in the true tradition of innovation and excellence at StFX.  The generosity of Mr. Schwartz partnered with the programs of SAP will expand the future for our students with a unique educational experience designed to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to enable them to become successful contributors to our rapidly-changing society.”

The Gerald Schwartz School of Business and Information Systems will be located in the historic lower campus at StFX. The project will see world-connected classrooms to accommodate technology and innovative teaching methods, along with specialized skills development centres to develop the practical skills needed to interact effectively with other people.  A state-of-the-art information technology laboratory will include a local area network and multimedia and video conferencing capabilities.

“Today SAP Canada is proud to partner with StFX and The Gerald Schwartz School of Business and Information Systems,” said Carol Burch, Senior Vice President Americas and General Manager, SAP Canada Inc.  “The very success of today’s business software applications is based on strong and world-ready graduates.  SAP programs will enable those students to explore their full potential so they can excel and succeed. StFX has proven time and time again that it can deliver those students. We are seeing a new tradition – and a new future – born here today.”

The Gerald Schwartz School of Business and Information Systems is part of the St. Francis Xavier University Expanding Futures Campaign.  The campaign is an integral part of a campus renewal project of over $50 million to provide StFX students, faculty and staff with a stimulating environment in which to achieve the highest levels of personal, intellectual and professional growth.

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