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Hi, this is your host Allan (may 1979) and welcome to the most kick assest home page on the Internet. I am a senior arts year student at St. Francis Xavier University. studying comparative religions. I am a native of Antigonish (yes, I'm a townie and proud of it) where I graduated from Dr. John Hugh Gillis regional high in 1993.

When I'm in a rambunctious mood I like to listen to Pogues, Guns and Roses, Sex Pistols White Zombie ( Sean Yseult is my favorite base player EVER!), Henry Rollins and the Punk is generally good. If I'm in a more mellow/serene mood I like to like to listen to celtic music especially Loreena McKennitt, some classical and a lot of neo-classical stuff (Eliot Goldenthal and Jerry Goldsmith ).

I don't really watch much tv. I used to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation but it's been cancelled and the new star trek shows just don't cut it. Usually my friends and I get together to watch X-Files every week. I saw an episode of Chris Carter's new show millenium the other day and that looks like it might be good

I like to read too. I like Anne Rice, Robert Jordan, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robert E. Howard. When I'm not filling my mind with that garbage I can be found reading William Blake , Kahlil Gibran and I'm starting into Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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    I'm interested in all kinds of different cultures but my favorite are the Celts. Here are some links to Celtic sites in general and the most noble of all the highland clans

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