Green culture” is an International Environmental Exchange Programme of the Green Earth organization, an environmental Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana. Green Earth Organization is a member of the IUCN (World Conservation Union) The main aim of the Green Culture programme is to promote intra-cultural conservational knowledge and practice between people of different cultures.


The programme is divided into two parts. The first part introduces participants to the Ghanaian society. This will examine the following:

  1. Ghanaian social life and the Environment (Rural and urban)
  2. Historical background to environmental problems in Ghana
  3. Traditional knowledge, concept of environment and conservation
  4. Community mobilization for environmental conservation in Ghana
  5. Ghana Environmental Action Plan
  6. Women and Environment in Ghana

The second part of the programme is practical and affords participants the chance to participate in actual community conservation programmes through planting of trees, construction of fire belts at historic site such as sacred groves and wild life sanctuaries. Participants will also be encouraged to learn Ghanaian Traditional social ethics, philosophies, music, dance and drumming through interactions with communities.


Participants will create a monumental forest at the end of the programme. The monumental forest project will be an activity where participants will plant trees to be maintained by the community in the name of each participant. The names of participants will be labelled on the trees for future reference.


Anyone with the desire to learn about Ghanaian mode of nature conservation and culture. PERIODS:

The programme comes off twice a year: June-July and November-December. However there is a package for organized groups anytime during the year. It lasts for 14 and 21 days.

REGISTRATION: $200 (non refundable)
COURSE FEE: 14 days - $2,000 and 21 days - $3,000
ACCOMMODATION (excluding meals): $700 (for 21 days)


Participants have the option of choosing their meals from the restaurant. Average cost is about $20 (for breakfast, lunch and supper), excluding drinks.

Medium of Instruction:

Certificates will be awarded participants at the end of the programme.