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survey, on the Internet, to determine some of the preferences that Internet users have regarding the use of the Internet for purchasing products and services. (until June 15, 1995)

interactive traffic

National Industrial Information Infrastructure Protocols Reference Architecture (see NIIIP)

Internet-Based Purchasing Study solicitation for participants


Breaking news | Feature of the day | New Category | New Site



An industry is born in cyberspace

Electronic commerce examples

Innovative solutions to common problems

Information resources

Related areas

Where this page is cited

General articles

Economic development

Service providers (I realize that this section needs re-organization, any suggestions?)

Access providers | Internet "presence" providers | WWW server providers

Advertising agencies | Consultants & trainers | Miscellaneous services

1994-1995 Internet Service Provider Market Analysis (Summary)

Internet "presence" providers

WWW server providers

Advertising agencies


Miscellaneous services

Technology providers

Library providers

  • 3W Magazine

    Company lists

    Electronic "storefronts"

    Industry groups (keep a sharp eye on what's going on in these industries!)

  • The Mining Channel

    Corporate presence

    See Company lists (geographical subsection)

    Individual outlets

    Electronic publishers

    Financial & professional services

    Emerging services (a hint of what's to come!

    see below for an example)

    Co-operative efforts and consortia

    Directories and clearinghouses ("yellow pages")

    Sponsorable sites

    Innovative solutions to ordering

    Innovative solutions to gaining visibility


    Journals, newsletters, & books for information-based industry

    Conferences & training for information-based industry

    Internet mailing lists & newsgroups

    Calls for papers and stories


    Jumpstations ("competitors?")

    User groups for information-based industry

    Research groups for information-based industry


    Teaching resources


    Government services

    Consumer protection

    Community networking

    Related technology

    Regulation, law, and policy


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