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Welcome to the StFX information systems (IS) home page. StFX has offered degrees in IS since 1975, when the first IS programs, based on the ACM recommendations for IS, were designed. The StFX IS programs are designed to prepare the graduates for positions such as systems analysts, information system specialists or applications programmers. Such positions are found in business and government organizations, and thus students will need knowledge from the disciplines of information systems, business administration, computer science, economics and mathematics. The course content of the degree closely follows the curriculum recommendations for a bachelors degree in information systems developed by the curriculum committee of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). The IS program was recently favorably externally reviewed and the curriculum is currently being revised to confirm with the IS'95 curriculum recommendations. StFX IS graduates will have a strong background in microcomputer applications software, the use of the Internet and Cobol.

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Program Description

StFX offers two degrees in IS, the Bachelor of Information Systems (BIS) degree and the Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a major in information systems, and is the only university in the Atlantic provinces to offer information system degrees. The Bachelor of Information Systems (BIS) degree is offered by the Department of Mathematics, Computing and Information systems and a BBA degree with a major is offered through the Business Administration Department.

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Program Requirements

Admission requirements

BIS Requirements.

Computing and Information Systems courses available for IS students.

Business Administration courses available for IS students.

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There are two professors who teach information systems:

Chrys de Almeida, Assistant Professor.

Ron MacKinnon, Professor

Other Computing Sciences faculty.

Faculty e-mail addresses.

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IS Students

Senior IS Student Home Pages
Other IS Student Home Pages
StFX IS Grads Impress Revenue Canada

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IS Links

IS Links from StFX

IS Departments Worldwide, ISWorld, from StFX

Computer Links from StFX

Computer Science Departments Worldwide

Information Science Resources Worldwide

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The computing facilities from the University Computing Systems available to students include Fairfax, a Novel LAN of Gateway micros and Juliet, an IBM RS 6000 Unix system. There are three teaching labs with 75 Gateway 75 mhz Pentium computers with 16 MB Ram and a 540 MB hard disk equipped with Microsoft Office Professional Pro 4.3. There are also several other micro labs with Gateway 486 and 386 computers, including about 50 computers in the library lab. There is a Computing Sciences computer lab with several computers used for computing sciences courses, especially for LANs and DBMS assignments.

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