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Nursing Informatics at StFX Summer 98

Nursing Informatics

AMIA Nursing Informatics Working Group, webmaster Patricia Abbott.
Canada's Health Informatics Association, COACH
Canadian Health Informatics Resources, HIS U Victoria
Capital Area Roundtable on Informatics in Nursing
Clinical Informatics Network, McMaster U
Computers in Nursing Interactive!, e-Doc, Electronic Publishing Solutions
Educational Opportunities in Nursing Informatics, from AMIA.
ftp Site, Clinical Informatics, McMaster U
Gardian Angel Project, The MIT CDM
Health & Medical Informatics Digest, by R. L. Brown, U Manchester.
Health Care Information Systems, N775, on-line course from Wichita State U
Health Information Science, U Victoria
Informatics: A Conceptual Overview, U Texas Houston
Informatics, U Texas, Houston
Introduction to Nursing Informatics, N302, Duke University.
Meditech Home Page
Midwest Alliance for Nursing Informatics
Northern California Nursing Informatics Association
NRSING-I, NI Listserv, the welcome file.
NSGINF-L, NI Listserv, subscription info from Tile.
NURSEWeek Informatics Hotlinks
Nursing Informatics, Susan K. Newbold.
Nursing Informatics Australia Inc.
Nursing Informatics, BCS, NSG, British Computer Society, Nursing Specilist Group, U Manchester.
Nursing Informatics Clinical Specialists, U Utah
Nursing Informatics, Columbia-Presbyterian MC Net.
Nursing Informatics and Health Informatics Conferences, by Susan Newbold.
Nursing Informatics and Technology, U Central Florida
Nursing Informatics: Enhancing Patient Care, a report of the NCNR priority expert panel on NI.
Nursing Informatics FAQ, useful source of NI information from Susan Newbold.
Nursing Informatics, Galaxy
Nursing Informatics Groups, UTEP
Nursing Informatics, Nurseweek, excellent selection of nursing sites, 7 NI sites.
Nursing Informatics Program, Duke University
Nursing Informatics Summer Program, StFXU, Kay Desborough
Nursing Informatics, Scientist, Linda Goodwin, Duke U.
Nursing Informatics Special Interest Groups, by Susan Newbold.
Nursing Informatics, World Wide Nurse
Nursing Informatics Working Group
On-Line Journal of Nursing Informatics
Pen & Pad Nursing Record system
The Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA)
The Informatics Institute
Virtually Informatics Nursing
Wisconsin Computer Applications in Nursing
Whole Nurse Informatics
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Liszt Search for Listservs, search for nurse (37 lists) or nursing (108 lists).
NRSING-L, the largest nursing informatics list, at UMass.
NRSINGED, nursing educators discussion group, at U Louisville, from Tile.
NSGINF-L, nursing informatics at Penn State U.
NUSRE-FAC, from Liszt (MUN Dept of Nursing).
NURSED-L, nursing education, at Penn State U, from Tile.
NURSENET, nursing list, at U Toronto, from Tile.
Nursing Lists, from Peter Ramme, Idea Nurse.
Nursing Lists, McMaster U. Nursing Page.
Nursing Lists, Nursenet UAlberta
Nusring and Health Listservs, Diane Wink, U Central Florida.
SNURSE-L, student nurse list, at SUNY Buffalo, from Tile.
Tile Listserv Search, try nurse (7) or nursing (29).
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Nursing Schools Home pages

Nursing Graduate School Rankings, US News
College of Nursing, U Arizona
School of Nursing, Case Western RU, ranked #5 by US News
College of Nursing, Concordia U/West Suburban, Oak Park, IL.
Nursing Services, Duke U
College of Nursing, East Tennesse State U
School of Nursing, GeorgetownU
Nursing Dept, Idaho StateU
School of Nursing, Indiania State U.
College of Nursing, Ohio State U
Department of Nursing, StFXU
School of Nursing, Texas Tech U
College of Nursing, UAkron
Dept. of Nursing Studies, NURSE, U Birmingham, formerly at Warwick.
School of Nursing, U British Columbia
School of Nursing, UC San Francisco, ranked #2 by US News
College of Nursing, U Delaware
School of Nursing, U Central Florida
College of Nursing, U Florida
College of Nursing, U Iowa
School of Nursing, U Louisville
School of Nursing, U Manchester
School of Nursing, U Maryland,Baltimore.
School of Nursing, McMaster U, highly recommended!
School of Nursing, U Michigan
School of Nursing, U Missouri, very nice page layout.
Department of Nursing, U New Hampshire
School of Nursing, U Pennsylvania, ranked #2 by US News
College of Nursing, U Texas, El Paso
School of Nursing, U Texas, Houston
School of Nursing, U Victoria, BC
School of Nursing, U Washington, ranked #1 by US News
School of Nursing, U Windsor
School ofNursing, U Virginia
Schools of Nursing, U Washington, many other nursing links..

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Distance Education

Nursing Distance Education, McMaster U
Nursing Distance Education, StFXU
Nursing Distance Education, U British Columbia
Learning Resources Center, UC San Francisco
Nursing Distance Education, UTexas, Houston
Nursing Distance Education, U Victoria, BC

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Interesting Nursing Sites

American Journal of Nursing
Bo Graham's Home Page on, many nursing sites..
Canadian Nursing Boards
Cool Nursing Site of the week
Cybernurse, Internet nursing humor.
Distance Education Nursing Program, StFX University.
Florence Nightingale Letters
Idea Nurse, Peter Ramme, interesting nursing sites.
Journal of Nursing Jocularity
Medscape, online source for better patient care.
Nova Scotia Nurses' Union
Nurse Practioner Home Page
Nurse Net Nederland Home Page
Nurse Practitioner Web, UNH
Nurseweek, the nursing reference site.
Nursing, a nice collection of nursing links by Albert Perrault RN.
Nursing and Health Care Links, Duke U.
Nursing and Health Care Resources on the Net, Rod Ward, SheffieldU, UK
Nursing and Related Links, U Virginia
Nursing and Health WWW Sites, U Central Florida.
Nursing and Related Resources, McMaster, excellent nursing sites.
Nursing, Galaxy
Nursing, MedWeb
Nursing Continuing Education Online, from Lippencott-Raven Publishers.
Nursing Links, U Wisconsin
Nursing Related Sites, Gordon Larrivee.
Nursing Related Web Sites, U of Washington.
Nursing Resources, Diane Wink
Nursing Software Packages
Nursing, WWW Virtual Library, Penn State U.
Nursing, Yahoo
Selected Nursing Links, extensive nursing links from Jack Yensen, Langra College, BC.
The Fine Art of Nursing, The Webster, a great site with many useful links!
The Interactive Patient
Top 5% Medical Sites, Point Comm.
Virtual Nursing Center, Martindale's
Virtual Nursing College, by Jack Yensen, Langra College, BC.
World Wide Nurse, excellent & extensive nursing links, by Brian Short.
WWW Health Links, from YCN Health Page.
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Nursing/Healthcare Jobs

A List of Job Search Links
CareeRx, jobs for nurse practitoners.
Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp. Employment Opportunities
Healthcare Jobs Online
Job List from StFX, over 40 sites
Mayo Online Career Center
Med Search America, one of the major sites for medical jobs.
National NurseSearch
Nation Job Online Jobs Database
Nursing Jobs, Professional Resource Group.
Nurse Recruiter, Erickson & Associates.
NursingCenter-Career Center
Nursing Employment, Yahoo
Nursing/ Health Care Jobs, Nation Job Network
Nursing Job Search Handbook, UPenn
Nursing Jobs, World Wide Nurse, check out nursing employment here.

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Hospitals, Canada

Hospital Web, excellent list of all world hospitals on web.
Hospitals, Canada, all Canadian hospitals on the web, Hospital web.
Hospitals, USA, all US hospitals, Hospital Web.
Hospitals,Yahoo, extensive list of hospitals.
BC Children's Hospital, Vancouver, BC
BC Rehab, Vancouver, BC
Burnaby Hospital, Burnaby,BC.
Centenary Health Centre, Scarborough,Ontario.
Chedoke-McMaster Hospitals, Hamilton,Ontario
Chilliwack General Hospital, Chilliwack,BC.
Calgary Regional Health Authority, Calgary, Alberta
Childern's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, Ontario.
Childern's Hospital of Western Ontario
London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario
Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, Montreal, Quebec.
Orilla Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Orilla, Ontario.
Oshawa General Hospital, Oshawa, Ontario.
Ottawa Carleton Health Information Network
Prince George Regional Hospital, Prince George, BC.
St. Joseph's Health Centre's HP, London, Ontario
St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, North York, Ontario.
Toronto Hospital, U of T, Toronto,Ontario.
University of Alberta Hospital,Edmonton, Alberta
Vancouver Hospital,UBC, Vancouver, BC.
Victoria Hospital,London, Ont.
Massachusetts General Hospital,Boston, Mass.
The Virtual Hospital U Iowa

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Health Related Resources, Diane Wink.
MedWeb Biomedical Interrnet Resource, an extensive list of medical sites.
Medicine, WWW Virtual Library, extensive medical related sites.
Health:Medicine Yahoo
Medicine Einet
Medical Education Page, extensive medical education related sites.
Medical Education Resources, from the U of Calgary.
Health Science Guide, Martindale's, extensive health science listings.
Breast Cancer Information
National Inst Health Home Page
HealthNet Home Page Ottawa
Canadian Health Sites

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Medical Informatics

American Medical Informatics Assoc.
CAMIS Stanford
Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp., a premier health care company site on the web.
Duke Medical Informatics Home Page
Medical Informatics Links Duke U, excellent list of world medical informatics sites.
Medical Informatics GaTech HP
Medical Informatics Netherlands
Health Information Science, U Victoria, BC.
International Medical Informatics Assoc. Gopher
Inst Health Informatics, Aberystwyth
Medical Informatics UFlorida HP
Medical Informatics Monash U
Medical Info Systems Warwick
Medical Informatics Training Environments, Stanford U
Yale C Medical Informatics H P

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