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Ron MacKinnon's Personal Info

He was born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. He is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier U and has a masters degree from the U of Detroit and doctorate from Oklahoma State U and a MBA in MIS from the U of Minnesota. Family home pages include, Ruth, Sarah, Allan. He has spent sabbaticals at the University of Minnesota, in the Information & Decision Systems Department at the San Diego State University and in the Computer Information Systems Department at the University of the Virgin Islands. He is the nephew of Christy MacKinnon, the deaf artist who wrote The Silent Observer

He was the Director of the StFX. Computer Center, the Director of the Atlantic Universities Computer Study , Chair of the Nova Scotia Educational Computer Network and Chair of Graduate Studies at StFX and a member of the Nova Scotia Council of Higher Education. He has participated in a research project on The Integration of Computers into the Curriculum and Phase 2.

Dr. Ron MacKinnon              Email: rmackinn@stfx.ca       
St. Francis Xavier University  Voice: (902) 867-3937       
Professor                                   Fax:   (902) 867-2448
Information Systems Department Office: Nicholson Hall Tower 108   
P. O. Box 5000                 Antigonish, N. S. B2G 2W5
Home Page http://juliet.stfx.ca/~rmackinn/rmackinnon.html
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