Selected Educational Sites

  • Armadillo's K-12 WWW Resources, great references by subject area.
  • AskERIC Home Page, one of the most important educational resources!
  • Classroom Connect Education Links, one of the standard reference sites.
  • Education (Includes K-12) Einet, extensive listings for all education areas.
  • Educational Resources for Teachers, Kent SU, interesting selection of sites, recommended.
  • Education Sources on the Net, UManitoba, Dept. of Education, recommended.
  • Education Virtual Library AU, very extensive listings.
  • Education Yahoo, perhaps the most extensive educational listings.
  • Global Schoolhouse Project, linking kids around the world.
  • Interesting Links CSUSM, highly recommended.
  • Kids Web Digital Lib for Kids, great references by subject!
  • Maricopa CLI Hot Links
  • NCSA Ed Program Home Page
  • OnLine Educational Resources NASA
  • Picsco Guide to Technology, great site to explore technology education!
  • Schoolnet WWW Page 2, Canada's National Educational Site
  • UIUC Learning Resource Server, useful resources for educators.
  • Bobaworld from Uncle Bob Allison, ASTOUNDING PAGE, A MUST VISIT!*****
  • Vose School Educ Resources, many useful sites, recommended.
  • Web 66 A K12 Project U Minnesota, Education Dept.
  • Education Listservs, from Diane Kovacs index of scholary e-conferences.

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