St. Francis Xavier University (Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Instructor: Dr. Ricardo A. Scrosati, Full Professor

Office: BB 335-J
Phone: 867-5289
Office hours: Any time during work hours.
Research Laboratory:
BB 427 (Marine Ecology Lab)

Lectures: NH261 (Tuesday, DP block, 12:45-14:05 and Thursday, PD block, 11:15-12:30)
Lab/Tutorials: BB305 (Monday, G1-H1-J1 block)

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Why are statistics necessary? 

Papers for Discussion and Files for Statistical Exercises:

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• Example of manipulative and mensurative experiments yielding the same conclusions
  Watt & Scrosati 2013

• Scientific method - Laws in ecology
  Underwood 1991  -  Colyvan & Guinzburg 2003  -  O'Hara 2005

Significance tests - Negative results
  Buhl-Mortensen 1996  -  Browman 1999  -  Johnson 1999  -  O'Connor 2000

Confidence intervals
  Wolfe & Hanley 2002

Multiple comparisons - Criticism of Bonferroni 'correction'
  Moran 2003

Two-way ANOVA
   Data on species richness (SYSTAT-Windows)
   Summary tables (PDF)

Repeated-measures ANOVA
   Seaweed pictures
Data and summary tables (PDF)
   Data for one-way RM-ANOVA (SYSTAT-Windows)
   Data for one-way RM-ANOVA (SYSTAT-Macintosh)
   Data for two-way ANOVA with one RM factor (SYSTAT-Windows)
Data for two-way ANOVA with one RM factor (SYSTAT-Macintosh)

Simple linear regression and correlation
   Data (SYSTAT-Windows)
   Data and SYSTAT output (PDF)

• Nonlinear regression
   Data (SYSTAT-Windows)
   SYSTAT output (PDF)

• Analysis of covariance (
   Data on barnacle recruitment (SYSTAT-Windows)
   Summary tables (PDF)

Ricardo's Day
  Scrosati & DeWreede 1997: Seaweed population dynamics (model II simple linear regression)
  Keppel & Scrosati 2004: Invertebrate behaviour (chi-square test)
Scrosati 2004: Seaweed population modelling (non-linear regression)
Breceda, Ortiz & Scrosati 2005: Tree ecology (model II simple linear regression)
  Scrosati 2006(a): Seaweed population dynamics (one-way repeated-measures ANOVA, non-linear regression)
Scrosati 2006(b): Plant morphology (model II simple linear regression, non-linear regression)
  Scrosati & Heaven 2007: Community ecology (two-way ANOVA)
  Garbary, Miller, Scrosati, Kim & Schofield 2008: Moss physiology (two-way ANOVA with one repeated-measures factor)
  Longtin & Scrosati 2009: Epiphyte ecology (randomized block design, t-test)
  Belt, Cole & Scrosati 2009: Barnacle ecology (nested ANOVA)
  Scrosati, van Genne, Heaven & Watt 2011: Species diversity in functional groups (factorial nested ANOVA)

  Cole, Scrosati, Tam & Sussmann 2011: Barnacle biogeography (nested design)
  Tam & Scrosati 2011: Predator-prey biogeography (nested ANOVA)

Multiple linear regression
  Data (SYSTAT-Windows file)
of SYSTAT commands and outputs (PDF)

• Mussel-seastar system: click here.