Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Governance
Gender, Race, and Class Health Research Group

The Gender, Race, and Class Health Research Group was formed to examine barriers to health and well-being. Its mission is:

      Initiate and foster dialogue about barriers to health and well-being specifically related to race, social class and gender;

      Facilitate collaboration and networking among communities, policy makers, and academic researchers;

      Initiate participatory research concerning barriers to health and well-being in order to bring about positive change


Members of the Gender, Race, and Class Health Research Group are:


Agnes Calliste, StFX Dept of Sociology

Colleen Cameron, StFX School of Nursing/Coady International Institute

Donna MacDonald, StFX Dept of Sociology

Elizabeth McGibbon, StFX School of Nursing

Elsa Arbuthnot, St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) School of Nursing

Hope Graham, StFX School of Nursing

Jean Knockwood, First Nations, Shubenacadie, NS.

Joy Hanley, StFX School of Business and Manager, Co-op Programs

Katherine Reed, Antigonish Womens Resource Centre

Lars Hallstrom, StFX Dept of Political Science

Raewyn Basset, Dalhousie University






Barriers to Health and Well-being: Race, Class and Gender Issues in Northeastern Nova Scotia


Held May 12-13, 2005

St. Francis Xavier University




Pre-conference Workshop (February 16, 2005)