Robert van den Hoogen as an Educator

I am scheduled to teach Math 126 (Calculus I), ENGR/Math 221 (Differential Equations) and Stat 101 (Introductory Statistics) in the Fall term of 2017-18. In the Winter term I am scheduled to teach Math 127 (Calculus II) and Math 481 (Partial Differential Equations).

Teaching takes up a signifigant portion of my time during a regular academic year. I truly love to teach mathematics. When I am in my classroom, I try to pass my enthusiasm for mathematics onto my students. I also try to get my students actively involved in the classroom, either coming to the board, or answering questions aloud in class. It is amazing to hear how different students solve the same mathematical problem in so many different ways. Students in mathematics classes need to realize that there may be more than one correct way to solve a problem, and that the professor's way, may not necessarily by the best way. This is why we must share our ideas in the classroom, it is for the benefit of all. Unfortunately, this cannot be done in all classes, especially those that have more than 50 students. But, there is one thing that is always true in my classes: one must be prepared to get one's hands dirty, that is, one must be prepared to do mathematics in the classroom. Mathematics is best learned by doing, and practicing, not by watching.

Courses that I have taught at St.FX in the past include, See the departmental website for more information on the courses, and other course websites.