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Logical Fallacies


Political 3P


Map Collection


Country Ranking


Country Military Ranking



Terrorism Video Links


Frontline - Son of Al Qaeda


Frontline World - the Cell Next Door



Current Year, Fall 2012


PS 100.15 Introduction to Political Science


Download Word Version of Fall 2012 Course Outline


Handout - Trad Modern


Dahl's Five Criteria for Democracy


PS 100 Basic Definitions or Download copy in Word



PS 399 Research Methods


Fall 2012 Course outline


Link to PS 399 Page




PS 451 International Politics Seminar, Fall 2012


Course outline




Old outlines


PS 351 Canadian Foreign Policy


PS 451 International Politics Seminar, Fall 2006


Course outline


1st assignment




PS 351 Canadian Foreign Policy


Course outline, 2011


Paper description




PS 381 Japan and the East Asian Region


Download Course outline here




PS 354 International Political Economy, Fall 2007


Fall 2007 Course outline


INS simulation manual (large pdf)




PS 312 Art and Politics


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PS 353 International Organizations


Course outline




PS 362 Contemporary China


1st assignment, due 14 September


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