I am an elected member of the Royal Society of Canada, the Royal Historical Society and the Royal Asiatic Society. I am also the recipient of a papal honour.

I received the President's Research Award from St Francis Xavier in 2001, and the University Outreach Award from St Francis Xavier in 2015.

I have received a number of awards from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada - both research grants (for a project on British Idealism in India and South Africa) and grants to organise scholarly conferences in Canada.

In 2016, I was Visiting Professor (Overseas), sponsored by the Indian Council for Philosophical Research. I was one of two international scholars invited to India to lecture in leading philosophy departments in New Delhi, Kolkata, Kalady, Pune, and Chennai.

I have given a number of endowed lectures and have been the holder of visiting Research Chairs in Poland, China, and India.