Religious Pluralism, Cross-Cultural Truth in Religion, and Christianity.

Sixth International Symposium on 'Cultures and Christianity A.D. 2000,' sponsored by the Association for Reformational Philosophy (August, 21-25, 2000), in Hoeven, the Netherlands.

My presentation will address one of the questions raised under the theme of 'Religion, worldview, culture' (Dr. Bennie J. van der Walt (South Africa))--specifically, What can be learned from other religions or non-Christian worldviews and to what measure are other worldviews and religions to be opposed?

I will begin with the phenomenon of the plurality of religions, consider how this plurality is consistent with the notion of truth in religion, and examine what it might imply about cross-cultural religious truth in general.

Drawing on, though maintaining some distance from, recent work by John Hick, I argue that religious plurality, as such, is not incompatible with the idea of religious truth.

I conclude by suggesting that there is shared ground where Christian and non-Christian world views can enter into dialogue--and that we can see how a religious tradition or worldview can conflict or be compatible with other worldviews in exactly the same way that religions can be so with morality (for example, with questions about how one ought to treat other humans, animals, and the environment).