In the year 2000.... where will Will be?

 academic year 2000 - 2001 (half-sabbatical, half research leave)




August September - mid-January (4 months) OCTOBER 19-21, 2000 American Maritain Association, University of NOTRE DAME, Faith and Scholarship

Visiting scholar in Belgium or Poland

MONDAY 6th to FRIDAY 10th DECEMBER, 1999.  Annual Conference of the Australasian Association of Philosophy  (New Zealand Division).

Rhodes University, South Africa - mid Feb to mid Nov; 4th teaching quarter Sept 11-Oct 31, 2000

  January 15, 2001 : Philosophical Society of Southern Africa  
mid-January to

                    College internationale de philosophie lectures
                    St Andrews University (Scotland),
                    the Catholic University of Lublin (Poland).
                    Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium)