Bernard Bosanquet

July 14, 1848 - February 8, 1923

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Bosanquet's photo here


This photograph was taken in late 1903, immediately prior to Bosanquet's taking the Chair of Moral Philosophy at the University of St Andrews.

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Bosanquet and the Arts

    Three Lectures on Aesthetics Delivered at University College, London, 1914


Zoar - A Book of Verse by Helen and Bernard Bosanquet. Oxford: Blackwell, 1919, 59 pp. Translations by Bernard Bosanquet, original verses by Helen Bosanquet.

Influences of Bosanquet on later authors

Political Philosophy:

Arthur Ritchie Lord (1880-1941) (Rhodes University College, Grahamstown, South Africa)

Philosophy of Religion and Aesthetics:

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Bibliographical information on some other idealists

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+++ Elijah Jordan Secondary sources

Hocking, William Ernest (1873–1966) (moderate personal idealist)

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Fabian Society


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