Bosanquet and the Legacy of British Idealism
September 1 and 2, 1999
Harris Manchester College, Oxford
Tentative programme

revised July 12, 1999
September 1
10:30-12:00 Registration   

Informal Introductory session 

Elizabeth Trott (Ryerson): "Bosanquet, Aesthetics and Education: Warding off Stupidity with Art" 

Marcia Allentuck (CCNY): "Bosanquet's Psychology of the Moral Self"

1:45 Official opening
Keynote 1 



Chair: David Crossley (Saskatchewan) 

S: Fred Wilson (Toronto): "Bosanquet on the Ontology of Logic and the Method of Scientific Inquiry"



Contributed papers on Logic 

Chair: Fred Wilson (Toronto) 

Phil Ferreira (Kutztown, USA): "Bosanquet, Idealism, and the Justification of Induction" 

James Allard (Montana): "Concrete Systematic Inference"



Contributed papers on Aesthetics  

Chair: Alasdair Beattie (Univ. de los Andes, Ecuador) 

S: Gabriel Apata (Birbeck, London): "Emotion and Concrete Universality in Bosanquet's Aesthetic" 

S: Marie-Luise Raters (Humboldt, Berlin): "Difficult Beauty and Real Ugliness in Bernard Bosanquet" 

S: Silvio Morigi (Siena, Italy): "Bosanquet, Temple and Collingwood: the Inseparability of Symbol and Meaning in Aesthetic and Religious Experience" 

Keynote paper 2: 8.00 Religion/Metaphysics 

Chair: William Sweet (St Francis Xavier, Canada) 

S: Timothy Sprigge (Edinburgh): "Bosanquet and Religion"

September 2   
Keynote paper 3: 


Politics - I  

Chair: Sandra den Otter (Queen's, Canada) 

S: Andrew Vincent (Cardiff): "Bosanquet - The Philosophy of Sociology and the Sociology of Philosophy"



Contributed papers on Politics 

Chair: Maurice Stanley (North Carolina at Wilmington) 

S: Sandra den Otter (Queen's, Canada): "Bosanquet and the Charity Organisation Society" 

S: Peter Nicholson (York): "Bosanquet and State Action" 

S: Colin Tyler (University College London): "British Idealism in an Age of Cultural Diversity" 



Keynote paper 4: 2:00-3.15 Politics - II  

Chair: Colin Tyler (UCL) 

S: John Morrow (Victoria, New Zealand): "Community, Class and Bosanquet's New State."

3:30-5:00 Contributed papers on Influences/Metaphysics 

Chair: Hunter Brown (King's, Canada) 

Stamatoula Panagakou (York): "Self-transcendence and the Meaning of True Individuality: the Dialectic of the Finite-Infinite in the Philosophy of Bernard Bosanquet." 

James Connelly (Southampton): "'A New Leviathan amongst the Idealists: Collingwood's response to the British Idealists" 

Phillip MacEwen (York, Canada): "Bosanquet, Santayana and Aesthetics" 

Keynote paper 5:  



Chair: Bill Mander (Harris Manchester, Oxford) 

S: Leslie Armour (Ottawa; Dominican College): "Metaphysics, Science, and Morals in the Later Philosophy of Bernard Bosanquet"


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