Canadian Society of Christian Philosophers

2001 Université Laval


Saturday May 26 2001
Room: BON-4457

Joint - session - conjointe  // BOOK - LIVRE
Modern Cosmology and Philosophy   By John Leslie

S: Boetzkes, E. (McMaster)
S: Gerrie, J. (Guelph)
S: Armour, L. (Dominican C.)
S: Vanderburgh, W. (Concordia, Montreal)
C: Leslie, J. (Guelph)
P: Sweet, W. (St Francis X.)

Sunday May 27 2001
Room DKN-2B


Christic Visions as Hallucinations
S: Wiebe, P. (Trinity W.)
C: Martins, C. (Toronto)

Mind, Miracles and Intelligent Design
S: Larmer, R. (U. of NB)
C: Hudecki, D. (UWO)

The Legal Ontology of Persons
S: Groarke, P. (St. Thomas)
C: McCullough, E. (St.Mary’s)

14h - 16h00

Theodicy and Process Theology
S: Gerrie, J. (Guelph)
C: Groarke, L. (Trent)

Plato, Job and the Problem of Evil.
S: Novak, J. (Waterloo)
C: Gooch, P. (Toronto)

Business Meeting

Society Dinner