Criteria used in arriving at grades for written work

formal (linguistic and logical) aspects (about 25%)

- proper use of words and spelling and grammar

- proper use of, and style for, citations and bibliography

- sentence and paragraph structure

- structure of the essay as a whole and style (organisation and logical flow, unity and rhythm and spontaneity and variety in expression)

content (about 75%)

- introduction

- state your thesis, explain how you are going to establish it, and clarify terms

- body of essay

- accuracy in description of views, while avoiding verbosity

- analytical ability (ability to see the key points in the argument)

- critical ability (ability to judge an argument in terms of method, accuracy, consistency, applicability)

- conclusion (summary and synthesis of the arguments in the paper)

late essays will be penalized and will not be accepted after November 30

Advice on How to Write a D- Paper

The documentation style of the Modern Language Association