The Gifford Lectures
by DAC
On August 21, 1885, Lord Gifford of Scotland signed his will. Contained in that will was a provision for a series of lectures to be held at each of the 4 universities of Scotland. The topic was to be natural theology, or more specifically in the words of Lord Gifford himself ...... 
  "I having been for many years deeply and firmly convinced that the true knowledge of God, that is, of the Being, Nature, and Attributes of the Infinite, of the All, of the First and the Only Cause, that is, the One and Only Substance and Being, and the true and felt knowledge (not mere nominal knowledge) of the relations of man and of the universe to Him, and of the true foundations of all ethics and morals, being, I say, convinced that this knowledge, when really felt and acted on, is the means of man's highest well-being, and the security of his upward progress, I have resolved, from the 'residue' of my estate as aforesaid, to institute and found, in connection, if possible, with the Scottish Universities, lectureships or classes for the promotion of the study of said subjects, and for the teaching and diffusion of sound views regarding them, among the whole population of Scotland. "   
Thus began the series of lectures which still carry on to this day. Since their inception, the Gifford Lectures have become the foremost intellectual event in the matter of religion. Lectures are given in the universities at Edinburgh, St.Andrews, Glasgow and Aberdeen. The first lectures were given in 1888-89. A lecturer is given two successive years for his lectures. The lecturers have included a prestigious and broad cross section of scholars from such fields as religion, philosophy, physics, and history, and have included scholars such as Etienne Gilson, Arthur Eddington, William Temple, Karl Barth, Steven Runciman, Neils Bohr, Paul Tillich, and William Ramsay, to name just a few. The lectures are often published and achieve significant stature in the intellectual world. 

Below is both a listing and a chronological table of the lectures. The listing of the lectures can also be found in bibliographic form (see Annotated Bibliographies), where it is searchable by author, title, location, etc. 

For a detailed review and commentary on the lectureship, refer to Lord Gifford and His Lectures, A Centenary Retrospect, written by Stanley L. Jaki, himself the lecturer at Edinburgh in 1974-76. 

Chronology of Lectures


1888-89 Stirling Muller Lang  
1889-90 Stirling Muller Lang Tylor
1890-91 Stokes Müller Caird E. Tylor
1891-92 Stokes Muller Caird E. Fairbairn
1892-93 PHeiderer Wallace   Fairbairn
1893-94 Pfleiderer Wallace    
1894-95 Fraser Caird J. Campbell L.  
1895-96 Fraser Caird J. Campbell L.  
1896-97 Tiele     Ward
1897-98 Tiele Bruce   Ward
1898-99     Royce  
1899-1900     Lanciani Royce
1900-01 James Caird E. Lanciani Sayce
1901-02 James Caird E.   Sayce
1902-03     Haldane R. B.  
1903-04 Gwatkin Boutroux Haldane R. B.  
1904-05 Gwatkin Boutroux   Adam
1905-06 Laurie     Adam
1907-08   Bradley Ward Driesch
1908-09     Ward Driesch
1909-10 Fowler     Ridgeway
1910-11 Bosanquet Watson   Ridgeway
1911-12 Bosanquet Watson Frazer Pringle-Pattison
1912-13     Frazer Pringle-Pattison
1913-14 Bergson Balfour   Sorley
1914-15   Balfour Thomson Sorley
1915-16 Ramsay   Thomson  
1916-17   Alexander    
1917-18   Alexander Inge Webb
1918-19     Inge Webb
1919-20 Stout Jones Farnell  
1920-21 Stout Jones    
1921-22 Pringle- Pattison   Morgan Hobson
1922-23 Pringle- Pattison Balfour    
1923-24   Paterson    
1924-25   Paterson Farnell Mitchell
1925-26       Mitchell
1926-27 Eddington   Taylor  
1927-28 Whitehead Haldane J. S. Taylor Barnes
1928-29 Dewey     Barnes
1929-30   Smith Gore  
1930-31 Söderblom Smith   Gilson
1931-32       Gilson
1932-33 Bevan Temple Marett  
1933-34 Bevan Temple    
1934-35 Schweitzer      
1935-36   Dixon Henson Ross
1936-37   Dixon Jaeger Barth
1937-38 Sherrington Hocking De Burgh Barth
1938-39 Niebuhr Laird Bidez Nock
1939-40 Niebuhr Laird Kroner  
1940-41 Kraus      
1946-47   Perry Brunner Nock
1947-48 Dawson Perry Brunner Wisdom
1948-49 Dawson   Macbeath Marcel
1949-50 Bohr   Macbeath Marcel
1950-51 Raven      
1951-52 Raven   Blanshard Polanyi
1952-53 Toynbee Macmurray Blanshard Tillich
1953-54   Macmurray Campbell C. A. Tillich
1954-55 Bultmann   Campbell C. A.  
1955-56   Hodgson Heisenberg  
1956-57 Farrer Hodgson Demant Hodges
1957-58 Kohler   Demant Hodges
1958-59 Kohier   Wright  
1959-60 McLennan Weizsäcker Wright  
1960-61     Runciman Price
1961-62 Baillie   Runciman Price
1962-63 Daube Hendel Chadwick  
1963-64 Daube   Chadwick  Hardy
1964-65 Mackinson   Findlay Hardy/Aron
1965-66 Mackinson Butterfield Findlay Aron
1966-67 Lewis Butterfield   Knox
1967-68 Lewis   Zaehner Knox
1968-69 Barnes W.   Zaehner  
1969-70 Barnes W.     Leeuwen
1970-71 Mascall   Thorpe  
1971-72 Kenny* Southern    
1972-73 Kenny*   Ayer Arendt
1973-74 Chadwick 0.     Arendt
1974-75 Jaki Mitchell    
1975-76 Jaki   Hooykaas Young
1976-77 Jossua Hooykaas Young  
1977-78 Eccles   Stafford-Clark  
1978-79 Eccles      
1979-80 Smart Brenner   Copleston
1980-81 Nasr   Vlastos Copleston
1981-82 Murdoch Clark/Lamer   Hultkrantz
1982-83 Daiches Sanford/Drew Chariton Hultkrantz/Swinburne
1983-84 Arbib/Hesse Galloway Macquarrie Swinburne