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·        Jacques Maritain,” from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


·        Maritain chronology (from Understanding Maritain : philosopher and friend)


·        The Very Rich Hours of Jacques Maritain: A Spiritual Life. By Ralph McInerny



·        Armand Maurer, c.s.b.. “Some Memories of Jacques Maritain,” in Etudes maritainiennes - Maritain Studies 15 (1999),





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From the Jacques Maritain Centre (html)


1.      The Person and the Common Good (New York: Charles Scribner's sons, 1947)



2.      Jacques Maritain's St. Thomas Aquinas


3.      Jacques Maritain's Reflections on America


4.      Jacques Maritain's Art and Scholasticism


5.      Jacques Maritain's The Frontiers of Poetry


6.      Jacques Maritain's The Responsibility of the Artist


7.      Jacques Maritain's Moral Philosophy


8.      Jacques Maritain's On the Philosophy of History


9.      Jacques Maritain's The Range of Reason


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1.      Degrees of Knowledge, tr. Bernard Wall; Margot Robert Adamson (London, G. Bles, The Centenary press [1937]


2.      An Introduction to Logic


3.      A Preface to Metaphysics


4.      The Twilight of Civilization


5.      Approaches to God


6.      Les Iles (1934)



7.      Antimoderne


8.      Elements de philosophie : introduction generale a la philosophie (Volume 1)


9.      Art et scolastique


10.  Art and scholasticism with other essays



Other sources


1.      God and Science


2.      Christian Philosophy


3.      The Philosophy of Art


4.      Thomist Views on Education




Jacques Maritain by Marie and Tony Shannon

1.      L’individu et les droits de la personne selon Maritain et Bosanquet,” in Études maritainiennes / Maritain Studies, Vol. VI (1990): 141-166.



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3.      “Jacques Maritain and the Nature of Religious Belief,” in Études maritainiennes / Maritain Studies, Vol. X (1994): 142-155.


4.      “Can there be Moral Knowledge?” in Études maritainiennes / Maritain Studies, Vol. XI (1995): 159-190.


5.      “Maritain’s Criticisms of Natural Law Theories,” in Études maritainiennes / Maritain Studies, Vol. XII (1996): 33-49.


6.      “Persons, Precepts and Maritain’s Account of the Universality of Natural Law,” in Études maritainiennes / Maritain Studies, Vol. XIV (1998): 141-165.


7.      “On Being Human,” in Études maritainiennes / Maritain Studies, Vol. XIX (2003): 3-20.


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11.  “Catholicism, Freedom of Conscience, and Democracy,” Etudes maritainiennes /Maritain Studies, Vol. XXV (2009), pp. 3-19.


12.  “La filosofia dell’arte di Jacques Maritain,” in Per qualle bellezza: l’estetica di Jacques Maritain e le arti della contemporaneità, ed Cecilia De Carli and Giovanni Botta, (Roma: Edizioni Studium, 2014), pp. 17-22.



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God, man and politics: The political philosophy and theology of Jacques Maritain - Jung, Hwa Yol, 1932-


Reason, social myths and democracy - Hook, Sidney, 1902-1989




Jacques Maritain Papers, 1922-1960.






Etudes maritainiennes - Maritain Studies,



Cercle d'Etudes Jacques & Raïssa MARITAIN (KOLBSHEIM)



Istituto Internazionale Jacques Maritain



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