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Association canadienne Jacques Maritain
Canadian Jacques Maritain Association

Symposium annuel/Annual Symposium

November 2 & 3, 2007

 Maritain, the Natural Law, and Applied Ethics

Saint Paul University / Université Saint-Paul, 236 rue Main St.
et/ and

Collège Dominicain / Dominican College of Philosophy & Theology, 96 Empress

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Although everyone now talks about “applied ethics,” it still remains unclear as to what counts as a legitimate application of a particular ethical theory.
For instance, Saint Thomas states that the basic imperative of Natural Law is
(roughly) “to do good and avoid evil.” But, what is this “good” and how do we
know it? Moreover, one cannot generally “do good” but must act towards a
specific good. So, what are these “goods” and how do we know them?
Aquinas’ views are but one part of the rich and enduring tradition of Natural
Law. The goal of this conference is to examine the many facets of Natural Law
and how it could provide us with concrete grounds for ethical behaviour.


1:00 PM
D. Dentsoras: Seneca and the Old Stoics on Natural Law and Suicide

2:00 PM
S. Rocker: John Brown and the Morality of Sedition

3:00 PM
D. Bellusci: Malebranche: Order and Natural Law

4:00 PM
F. K. Peddle: Application of Natural Law to Public Finance: An Exercise in Applied Ethics

7:30 pm, Saint Paul University Amphitheatre

Dr. Mario D’Souza
Saint Michael’s College, University of Toronto

The Person, Natural Law & The Good of Pluralist Societies:
Some Thoughts From Maritain’s Political Philosophy

--Saturday, November 3, Dominican College &– Salle Albert le Grand--

9:00 AM
L.D.G. Ferry: Obedience, Civil Disobedience, and the Duty to Obey the Law

10:00 AM
D.J. Klassen: Application of the Natural Law in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas

11:00 AM
L. Dewan: Two Problems in Recent Natural Law Discussions

1:00 PM
W. Sweet: Maritain, Natural Law Theory, and Responding to Campaigns of Terror

2:00 PM
W. J. Schultz: Empowerment Without Sovereignty: Maritain’s Personalist Alternative to Hegemony

3:00 PM
P. Curry: Weber, Maritain & Torture: A Personalist Challenge to Weberian Politics

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