The Canadian Jacques Maritain Association

Fall Symposium: November 7 & 8, 2008, Ottawa

Saint Paul University & Dominican College


For Information Contact:

Dr. Richard Feist,

Dean, Faculty of Philosophy,

President, Canadian Jacques Maritain Association , 613-236-1393, Ext. 2459




Friday, November 7, 7:30 pm, Saint Paul University Amphitheatre

Dr. Roseann O’Reilly Runte

President, Carleton University





--Friday, November 7, Saint Paul University – Room 101 Guigues Hall--

1:00 PM

J. Blahuta: Religion, Citizenship, and Liberal Identity: Where Has All The Virtue Gone?

2:00 PM

I. Apostalova: The Place of Women in Jacques Martian’s Universe

3:00 PM

L. Perron: Maritain et la Question du Consensus Social: Accord Pragmatique ou Accord de Fond?


--Saturday, November 8, Dominican College – Salle Albert Le Grand--

9:00 AM

D. Lorenzini: Religion & Politics: Jacques Maritain on the Lay State

10:00 AM

L. Ferry: The Allure of Consent & the Interpretation of Aquinas on Political Authority

11:00 AM

R. Moser: Can Thomism Be Secular?

12 :00 L U N C H

1:00 PM

L. Armour: Maritain, Cudworth & The Problem of Political Theology

2:00 PM

Francois Savard: Aristotle & Saint Thomas: Perennial Foundation for Religious, Philosophical & Scientific Reflection In The 21st Century

3:00 PM

P. Curry: Liberalism and the Impartial State

4:00 PM

W. Sweet: Catholicism, Freedom of Religion, and Human Rights