William Sweet

Science, Religion, and Philosophy / Philosophie, religions, sciences

Sunday/dimanche, May 26 mai, 9.30-12.30

History and Contexts in Science and Religion




Introduction to the Theme and Commentary:

Jason West, University of Waterloo

Hannah Gay, Simon Fraser University

The Scientists' Declaration Revisited: Youth, Religion and Science in mid-Victorian Britain

Ludovico Galleni, Università di Pisa

A Model of Interaction Between Science and Theology from the Scientific Papers of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Richard Feist, University of Ottawa

Squaring the Cosmic Books: Whitehead’s Synthesis of God and Relativity Theory

Lundi/Monday, May 27 mai, 9.00-12.30

Biology, Religion, and Philosophy: Incommensurable paradigms? / Sciences biologiques, religions et philosophie: paradigmes inconciliables?

Introduction to the Theme and Commentary:

Iain McKenna, Concordia University

François Poitras, Université Saint-Paul

Transcendance et technique chez Gabriel Marcel : Contribution pour le XXIe siècle.

Michael Kurak, University of Warwick

Reflexive Self-Consciousness: Some Implications for Consciousness Studies

Gregory J. Walters, Saint Paul University

Non-Foundationalism, SNiPS, and Ethics



Dimanche/Sunday, May 26 mai 14.00- 17.30

Physics, Philosophy and Fine Tuning

Introduction to the Theme and Commentary

Douglas McDermid, St Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia)

Kenneth Himma, University of Washington

Fine-Tuning, Prior Probabilities, and Confirmation Theory

Neil A. Manson, University of Notre Dame

Anthropocentrism and the Argument from Fine-Tuning

John Bell, University of Western Ontario

Cosmological Theories and the Question of the Existence of a Creator

Lawrence Dewan, Dominican College

The Big Bang and Creation by a God



Monday/lundi, May 27 mai, 14:00-17:30

Conceptual Issues / Questions conceptuelles

Introduction à la problématique et commentarire

Louis Perron, Université d’Ottawa

Willem B. Drees, University of Leiden, the Netherlands.

Partner of the Sciences or Object of Study? Theology and Religion in Relation to the Natural and Social Sciences

Jerome Gellman, Ben Gurion University/ Israel

On Scientific Explanations of Mystical Experience of God

Paul Allen, CTNS and Saint Paul University

Beyond Naturalism: Scientific Creativity and Theological Knowledge

Leslie Armour, Dominican College, Ottawa

Can Science Provide Evidence for Metaphysics?