Symposium / Colloque

Science, Religion, and Philosophy / Philosophie, religions, sciences

A symposium sponsored by Canadian Jacques Maritain Association

Un colloque international co-parainé par l'association canadienne Jacques Maritain

in association with the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities /

en collaboration avec le Congrès des sciences sociales et humaines

and with the support of / grâce à une subvention

the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada / du Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines du Canada

the Royal Netherlands Embassy / de l'Ambassade du Royaume des Pays-Bas à Ottawa

the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences

May 26-27 2002 mai 26-27

University of Toronto / Université de Toronto


Room / Locale

Cartwright Hall (in St. Hilda’s College Building), Trinity College

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Tentative programme:

Saturday/samedi May 31 mai  - 9 am – 12.30

Dimanche/Sunday1 juin/ June 1 – 9.30 – 12.30


Origins: Politics, religion, and democratic principles

Introduction to the Theme and Commentary:
Carla Ball (Dalhousie)


Stephen Scheck (Political Science) Catholic University of America
“Religion and Political Right: Augustine contra Maritain”

Roles of Religion in Contemporary Democratic Societies / religion dans les sociétés démocratiques contemporaines

Introduction to the Theme and Commentary:
Introduction à la problématique et commentaire

Brian Jenkins (Dominican College)

 Chris Callaway (Philosophy), Saint Louis University

“Public Deliberation and the Ideals of Citizenship”

Kim Parker (Religious Studies) Memorial University of Newfoundland

“The Theological Politics of John Locke”

J-F. Malherbe (Faculté de théologie, d’éthique et de philosophie) / Université de Sherbrooke

"Contribution de l'éthique appliquée à la démocratie"

Grant Havers (Political Science)
Trinity Western University, Vancouver

“The Politics of Double Truth: Leo Strauss and the Importance of Spinoza”

David Lea (Philosophy), American University of Sharjah (UAE)/University of Papua New Guinea

“The Ideals of Democracy: Are they Appropriate Goals for Developing States?”

Leslie Armour (Philosophy) Dominican College

“God & Democracy”

William James (Religious Studies) Queen’s University

“Morley Callahan’s Christian Personalist Politics”



2 pm – 5 pm / 14h – 17h

2 pm – 5.30 pm / 14h – 17h30


Democracy and Religious Traditions


Introduction to the Theme and Commentary:
William Sweet (St Francis Xavier)


Abdulaziz Sachedina (Religious Studies) University of Virginia

“Pluralism without Secularism? The Muslim Paradigm of International Community”

Conflict, Cooperation, and the Future of Religion and Democracy / Conflit, coopération, et l’avenir de la religion et de la démocratie


Introduction to the Theme and Commentary / Introduction à la problématique et commentaire

Pedro Paulino (Dominican College)


Lavinia Stan (Political Science) Dalhousie University, Halifax

“Religion and Post Communist democratization: reviewing theoretical perspectives”

D.P. Chattopadhyaya (Philosophy)

Jadavpur University, India

Religion and Democratic Institutions

Marcela Cristi (Sociology), Wilfrid Laurier University

“Civic Virtue and Civil Religion in the United States After September 11”

Tran Van Doan (Philosophy) National Taiwan University

“Pluralism and Incommensurability”

Louis Perron (Theology) Saint Paul University

Sécularisation, démocratie, et eschatologie du politique














Monday, May 27, 17h - 19h 
President's Reception / Great Hall, Hart House

Conference dinner : TBA

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For more information, please contact:

Professor William Sweet,

Department of Philosophy, St Francis Xavier University,

Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5;

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