The Canadian Jacques Maritain Association - l'association canadienne Jacques-Maritain
Annual meeting - Ottawa, Canada - November 6-7, 1998
(Please note the change in date and location)

The CJMA welcomes proposals from individuals who are interested in presenting a paper at its 1998 fall conference.

We invite papers, in English or French, that focus on the conference themes. Papers on related topics will also be welcome.

Those who wish to present a paper should send a one-page abstract or proposal to:

Professor Leslie Armour,
c/o Dept of Philosophy,
Dominican College of Philosophy and Theology, 96 Empress
Ottawa, ON, K1R 7G3, Canada.
e-mail: or ; fax: 613 241-9767
Deadline for submission of proposals: August 15, 1998
Notification of acceptance of proposals: September 1, 1998
Papers should not exceed 35 minutes reading time.