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36 Hang Chuoi St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 84 4 9719067
Fax: 84 4 9719071
A Vietnam Landmark.

President: Nguyen Duy Quy, Professor, Dr.
Tel: 9719073
Vice-President: Le Huu Tang, Professor, Ph.D.
Tel: 9719066
Vice-President: Do Hoai Nam, Ph.D.
Tel: 9710632
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The National Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities (NCSSH) is a research institution under the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The predecessor of NCSSH, established in December 1953, comprised the departments of Literature, History, and Geography.

One of the functions of the NCSSH is to conduct research on important issues in the social sciences and humanities that concern the State. It supplies analysis to the policy-making process of the Government to build and develop the country and realize the full national potential of the social sciences and humanities.

NCSSH has responsibility for organizing and carrying out research projects, training scholars at a high level of specialization, defining the directions and policies for developing the social sciences and humanities in the whole country, and for expanding academic exchange with other countries.

During its forty years of development, NCSSH has made a noticeable contribution to national liberation and to building the country. It has taken part in preserving and developing the nation's culture as well as learning from the modern scientific achievements of other countries.

NCSSH concentrates on fundamental research in the social sciences and humanities, on international issues, and on relations between countries of the region and the world. It supplies the analytical foundations for forming foreign and domestic policies of the State, for choosing optical solutions for developing the economy, culture, and society, and for developing the branches of the social sciences and humanities themselves.

NCSSH is particularly concerned with compiling works that summarize the development of different areas of social life such as the series of volumes on Vietnamese history,Vietnamese literature, and the Vietnamese economy. Another fundamental area of activity of NCSSH is carrying out basic socio- economic investigations of all the regions of the country forming a scientific basis for researching both the universal trends and distinctive characteristics of all aspects of Vietnamese social life.

The research achivements of NCSSH are reflected not only in monographs but also in 17 up-to-date academic journals from specialized branches of the Center. These periodicals are scientific forums for academic discussion, exchanging ideas, and supplying society with a significant amount of scholarly information from domestic and foreign sources.

NCSSH also has a large collection of research materials. The Social Science Library, directly under NCSSH, is the largest library in the country for social sciences and humanities. It has preserved many valuable documents such as ancient books, handwritten documents and very precious photographic materials. Every year tens of thousands of domestic and foreign readers come there to make use of the documents.

Together with the development of research fields, NCSSH also is gradually building up an organizational structure and a staff of researchers. The Centre currently has 16 institutes, 7 research centers, a museum of ethnology, and various research support offices. The total number of staff  is 1,300 of whom 930 are researchers. The remainder are research support staff such as administrators, information personnel, and librarians.

In 1995, the number of scholars with academic degrees includes:  1 member of a foreign academy of science; 28 professors; 86 associate professors; 265 M.A. and Ph.D. fellows.

In addition to its research function, NCSSH also gives basic training to graduate students throughout the country, paricipates in university teaching, and contributes to building up a large number of scholars with a high level of professional skill. NCSSH is continuosly expanding international cooperation as well as exchanging information and materials with hundreds of research institutions and with individuals in many countries. Every year, NCSSH sends large number of scholars abroad for research and participation in international workshops. At the same time, it receives foreign scholars who wish to conduct research in Vietnam, assisting them in contacting Vietnamese scholars and in making use of documents in the NCSSH collection.

NCSSH also is prepared to receive foreign graduate students who wish to enroll in graduate courses at the Center. NCSSH is ready to cooperate with foreign research institutions and scholars to carry out joint research projects and to organize workshops on topics of common interest.

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International Cooperation Department
36 Hang Chuoi Str., Hanoi-Tel: 84.4. 9719067-Fax: 84.4.9719091
Director: Nguyen Duy Thong, Ass. Prof. Tel: 9715466
Vice-Director: Nguyen Van Cu Tel: 9711519

Administration Department
Chief Clerk: Nguyen Tien Phon  Tel: 9719089
Deputy Chief Clerk: Trinh Minh Cu  Tel: 9715465
Deputy Chief Clerk: Ngo Binh Tinh  Tel: 9719064

Personnel-Training Department
Director: Ho Ngoc Hai  Tel: 9719063

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Planning and Budget Department
Director: Tran Trong Huu  Ass.Prof.Ph.D. Tel: 9718084
Vice-Director: Pham Van Vang ,Ph.D Tel: 9720707

1. Institute of Philosophy 27 Tran Xuan Soan Str., Hanoi-Tel: 8261635
Director: Nguyen Trong Chuan Ass. Prof., Ph.D. Tel: 8261634
Vice-Director: Nguyen Van Huyen, Ph.D.
Vu Van Vien, Ph.D.

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2. Institute of State and Law
27 Tran Xuan Soan Str., Hanoi-Tel: 8261637 - Fax: 84.4.8243136
Director: Dao Tri Uc, Ass. Prof., Dr. Tel: 8261636
Vice-Director: Tran Trong Huu, Ass.Prof., Ph.D. Tel: 9718084

3. Institute of Economics
27 Tran Xuan Soan Str., Hanoi-Tel: 8261633 - Fax: 84.4.8261632
Director: Do Hoai Nam, Ph.D. Tel: 8243953
Vice-Director: Ha Huy Thanh, Ph.D. Tel: 8245098
Library  Tel: 8243951

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4. Institute of World Economy
234 Thai Ha Str., Hanoi, Dong Da, Hanoi - Tel: 8534112 - Fax: 84.4.8534316
Director: Vo Dai Luoc, Ph.D. Tel: 8533199
Vice-Director: Le Van Sang, Ph.D. Tel: 8634304
Le Bo Linh, Ph.D. Tel: 8573063
Library  Tel: 8574297

Periodicals: Nhung van de kinh te the gioi (World Economic Problems)
Vietnam Economic Review (in English)

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5. Institute of Sociology
27 Tran Xuan Soan Str., Hanoi-Tel: 8261630 - Fax: 84.4.8261631
Director: Tuong Lai, Ass. Prof. Tel: 8227970
Vice-Director: Pham Bich San, Ph.D. Tel: 8252053
Trinh Duy Luan, Ph.D. Tel: 8229922

6Institute of Literature
20 Ly Thai To Str., Hanoi - Tel: 8253548
Director: Ha Minh Duc, Prof. Tel: 8250385
Vice-Director: Luu Van Bong, Ass. Prof., Ph.D.
Truong Dang Dung, Ph.D.

Periodical Review: Van Hoc (Literature)

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7. Institute of Han-Nom Studies
Dang Tien Dong Str., Trung Liet, Dong Da, Hanoi-Tel: 8513069
Director: Phan Van Cac, Ass. Prof. Tel: 8534956
Vice-Director: Trinh Khac Manh, Ph.D. Tel: 8516819

Periodical review: Han Nom (Old Chinese and Vietnamese Demonlo Characters)

8Institute of Folklore
27 Tran Xuan Soan Str., Hanoi-Tel: 8258868 - Fax: 84.4.8225903
Director: Ngo Duc Thinh, Ass. Prof., Ph.D. Tel: 8258871
Vice-Director: Nguyen Xuan Kinh, Ph.D., Tel: 8243212

Periodical review: Van Hoa Dan Gian (Folklore)

9. Institute of Linguistics
20 Ly Thai To Str., Hanoi - Tel: 8257406
Director: Ly Toan Thang, Ph.D. Tel: 8254127
Vice-Director: Nguyen Van Loi, Ass. Prof., Ph.D.
Periodical Review: Ngon ngu (Linguistics)

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10. Institute of History
38 Hang Chuoi Str., Hanoi-Tel: 8253200
Director: Cao Luong, Ass.Prof. Tel: 8212569
Vice-Director: Tran Duc Cuong, Ph.D. Tel: 8266418
Library Tel: 9711407

11. Institute of Archaeology
61 Phan Chu Trinh Str., Hanoi - Tel: 8255449
Director: Ha Van Tan, Prof. Tel: 8240478
Vice-Director: Pham Ly Huong, Ass. Prof., Ph.D. Tel: 8242755
Ha Van Phung, Ph.D.

12Institute of Ethnology
27 Tran Xuan Soan Str., Hanoi-Tel: 8258867
Director: Khong Dien, Ass.Prof., Ph.D. Tel: 8254784
Vice-Director: Pham Quang Hoan, Ph.D.

Periodical Review: Dan Toc Hoc (Ethnology)

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13. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
27 Tran Xuan Soan Str., Hanoi-Tel: 8261629 - Fax: 84.4.8245966
Director: Pham Duc Thanh, Ph.D. Tel: 8267817
Vice-Director: Nguyen Thu My, Ph.D.
Library  Tel: 8245966
Periodical review: Nghien cuu Dong Nam A (Southeast Asian Studies)

14Institute of Religious Studies
27 Tran Xuan Soan Str., Hanoi-Tel: 8258870
Director: Dang Nghiem Van, Prof. Tel: 8258864
Vice-Director: Do Quang Hung, Ass.Prof., Ph.D. Tel: 8268865

15Institute of Psychology
H1 Kim Ma Thuong Str., Ba Dinh, Hanoi - Tel: 8325174
Director: Do Long, Ass. Prof., Ph.D. Tel: 8325182
Vice-Director: Vu Van Dung, Ph.D. Tel:8325174
Periodical review:

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16Institute of Social Sciences in Ho Chi Minh City
49 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Str., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 8223995, 8223141 - Fax: 018. 8253735
Director: Mac Duong Ass.Prof., Ph.D. Tel: 8224668
Vice-Director: Huynh Van, Ass.Prof.,Ph.D. Tel: 8228931
Phan Xuan Bien, Ass.Prof.Ph.D. Tel: 8228931

17. Museum of Ethnology of Vietnam
Director: Nguyen Van Huy, Ass. Prof. Ph.D. Tel:

18. Centre for Chinese Studies
H1 Kim Ma Thuong Str., Ba Dinh, Hanoi - Tel: 8326380 - Fax: 84.4.8326380
Director: Nguyen Huy Quy Tel: 8325184
Vice-Director: Nguyen The Tang, Ph.D.

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19. Centre for Japanese Studies
H1 Kim Ma Thuong Str., Ba Dinh, Hanoi - Tel: 8325178
Director: Duong Phu Hiep, Ass.Ph.D. Tel: 8325181
Vice-Director: Nguyen Duy Dung, Ph.D. Tel: 8325185

20. Centre for North American Studies
234 Thai Ha Str., Hanoi, Dong Da, Hanoi-Tel: 8532735-Fax: 84.4.8534911
Director: Do Loc Diep,Ph.D. Tel: 8534912
Vice-Director: Nguyen Thiet Son, Ph.D. Tel: 8534292

21. Centre for CIS and East European Studies
234 Thai Ha Str., Hanoi-Vietnam-Tel: 8532735-Fax: 84.4.8534911
Director: Bui Huy Khoat, Ass. Prof., Ph.D. Tel: 8533121
Vice-Director: Nguyen Quang Thuan, Ph.D. Tel: 8534911

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22. Centre for Family and Women Studies
6 Dinh Cong Trang Str., Hanoi - Tel: 8252732
Director: Do Thi Binh,Ph.D. Tel: 8210435
Library  Tel: 0331744

23. Centre for Human Geography
27 Tran Xuan Soan Str., Hanoi-Tel: 8258872
Director: Nguyen Ngoc Tuan,Ph.D. Tel: 8261579
Vice-Director: Pham Thi Mong Hoa,Ph.D.

24. Centre for Compilation of Encyclopedias
37 Nguyen Binh Khiem Str., Hanoi-Vietnam-Tel: 8264378-Fax: 84.4.8266997
Director: Nguyen Huu Quhnh, Ass. Prof., Ph.D. Tel: 8228832
Vice-Director: Nguyen Xuan Chuc, Ph.D.

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1.Institute of Social Sciences Information
26 Ly Thuong Kiet Str., Hanoi - 
Tel: 8264243 - Fax: 8259071 - Email: Toan@
Director: Lai Van Toan,  Ass. Prof., Ph.D  Tel: 8253074
Vice Director: Vuong Toan, Ph.D  Tel: 8252477
Department of American Materials  Tel: 8246857
Periodical Review: Thong tin Khoa hoc Xa Hoi (Social Science Information)

2. "Vietnam Social Sciences" Review (In English)
27 Tran Xuan Soan Str., Hanoi, Tel: 8259059
Editor-in-chief:  Pham Xuan Nam, Prof., Ph.D. Tel: 8259059
Deputy Chief Editor: Nguyen Huu Thuy, Tel: 8261578

3. "Khoa Hoc Xa Hoi" (Social Science)
61 Phan Chu Trinh Str., Hanoi-Tel: 8256174
Director: Nguyen Duc Dieu  Tel: 8255428
Vice-Director: Trinh Tat Dat, Ph.D.

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The NCSSH publishes numerous periodicals and books in the Vietnamese language as well as the "Vietnam Social Sciences" in English. These can be ordered directly from the NCSSH in Hanoi.

Communication to a number of Institutes is possible by E-Mail. The following are some of the addresses:

Institute of Economics --
Institue of Social Science Information --
Institute of South East Asian Studies --
Institute of World Economy --
International Cooperation Department -

Messages to NCSSH Institutes should be kept brief due to financial charges applied to incoming mail.

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