Volume 1 (2002)

Theme: Dialogue and Traditions

Transculturalità del Credo e verità della fede
Vittorio Possenti

Radhakrishnan, A.G. Hogg, and Hindu-Christian Apologetics
Joshua Kalapati

Inculturation or Interculturation? : Towards a New Indian Christian Identity in a Pluralistic Society
L. Anthony Savari Raj

Towards a Dialogical Philosophy and Culture
Varghese Manimala

The Human Person in the Western And African Traditions
Pantaleon Iroegbu,

Hinduism, Catholicism, and the Trinity
Edward Alam

Philosophy, Culture, and the Future of Tradition
William Sweet

The Native American Image Ethic: The New World in Dialogue with the Old
Alastair Beattie

La Doctrina de la Providenca en Plotino: Su Vigencia en la Ecofilosofia
Patricia Andrea Ciner

Gianni Vattimo and John Reader - The Meaning of the ‘Return To Religion’ in a Postmodern Setting
J. Ranilo B. Hermida