Philosophy, Culture, and Traditions


Vol. 2 2003   ISSN 1609-2392


Table of Contents


Theme: Body and Spirit

Corporéité et engagement 1

Ghislaine Florival (Belgium)

Augustine on Human Embodiment and Communication 19

Robert Kennedy (Canada)

The Concept of Human Action in Rāmānuja and Thomas Aquinas 39

Mariano Iturbe (Argentina/India)

The Body-Mind-Spirit Relationship within the African World-View 57

Chibueze C. Udeani (Austria)

Ethics in the Between 63

Erin McCarthy (United States)

There Is No Spirit Without Body: A Discernment Through Symbolic Awareness 79

L. Anthony Savari Raj (India)

The Frontier Between the Body and the Mask 89

Cristal Huang (Taiwan)

Predestination and Freewill in the Yoruba Concept of a Person: Contradictions and Paradoxes 99

Olatunji A. Oyeshile (Nigeria)



Non-thematic papers

Aquinas on Truth and the Transcendental: a Reply to Heidegger 109

James Kow (Canada)

El desastre del pensamiento y la altura moral de la persona 129

Juan A. García González (Spain)

Modern Philosophy on God: Ever Seeing but Never Perceiving 137

Robert Trundle (United States)



Religion, Culture and Sustainable Development: Perspectives on a Curriculum 157

John P. Hogan and Denis J. Hynes (United States)



Book Reviews

Jacques Maritain. Natural Law: Reflections on Theory and Practice. Edited by William Sweet.

Louis Groarke (Canada) 175

Normative Ethics and Objective Reason. Edited by George F. McLean

Irene Switankowsky (Canada)