Philosophy, Culture, and Traditions

Vol. 3  2005                                                                                                          ISSN 1609-2392


Table of Contents

Theme: Identity, Rights, and Responsibilities

Locating the Self: Community, Relationships and Identity                    
John Ozolins (Australia)

Philosophy? A Question of Cultural Identity                            
Kuan-Min Huang (Taiwan)

Between “Homeworld” and “Alienworld”: Waldenfels on Interculturality                
Chung-Chi Yu (Taiwan)
The Political Significance of Belongingness                            
Pantaleon  Iroegbu (Nigeria)

Promoting Human Dignity in a Culture of Violence                        
Jove Jim S. Aguas (Philippines)

Response as Duty: A Reflection on Responsibility                         
Tran Van Doan (Taiwan)

Right has to be Right: Why Hegel Presents his Ethics in a Philosophy of Right            
Chih-Sheng Yang (Taiwan)

La Métaphysique: Entre Quête du Sens et Non-Sens                        
Ramatoulaye Diagne (Sénégal)

Non-thematic papers

Fragments of Religion: An Exercise in Critical Post-Religious Thought                
Marc Lalonde (Canada)

The Ideals of Democracy: Are They Appropriate Goals for Developing States?            
David Lea (United Arab Emirates / Papua New Guinea)

Moral Realism, Anti-Realism, and Sociable Affections                        
Ahmad Rahmanian (Canada)

Book Reviews

Alice Ramos and Marie I. George, eds.  Faith, Scholarship, and Culture in the 21st Century.  
Charles LePage (Canada)                                

William Sweet, Religious Belief: The Contemporary Debate
    Michael Hickson (USA) and Anthony Savari Raj (India)