Philosophical Theory of the State and Related Essays
New Edition

Bernard Bosanquet

Edited by Gerald F. Gaus, University of Minnesota
and William Sweet, St Francis Xavier University


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This new edition reintroduces one of the central texts of late nineteenth-century political thought.  In addition to the fourth and final edition of the Philosophical Theory of the State the editors have added a comprehensive selection of Bosanquet's most important essays on political theory and social policy.  Also added is a detailed new introduction, a guide to further reading and an index.  Together they make clear the social and political background and implications of Bosanquet's political philosophy and allow a more complete understanding not only of Bosanquet's political philosophy but also of British idealism.
  • the most comprehensive edition there has ever been of this classic text
  • new edition includes Bosanquet's classic work plus seven other essays that clarify its major themes
  • new introduction, guide to further reading and index


Introduction by Gerald F. Gaus and William Sweet

'The Exchange of Letters with R. M. MacIver' in David Spitz (ed.), Politics and Society (1969), pp. 238-40, 242-4

'The Notion of the General Will', Mind, vol. 29 (1920), pp. 77-81

'The Reality of the General Will', International Journal of Ethics, vol. 4 (1893/4), pp. 308-21

'The Antithesis between Individualism and Socialism Philosophically Considered', Charity Organisation Review, vol. 6 (1890), pp. 357-68

'The Principle of Private Propoerty'
in Bernard Bosanquet (ed.), Aspects of the Social Problem (1895), pp. 308-18

[From] The Psychology of the Moral Self (1897)

'Idealism and Social Work: An Address to Some Social Workers', Charity Organisation Review, vol. 28 ns (1910), pp. 146-56

The Philosophical Theory of the State (4th edition, 1923) plus endnotes

Guide to Further Reading


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Publication: March 1999 (tbc)
ISBN 1 85506 584 3
360pp - paperback

Subjects: History of political thought, Political philosophy
PRICE: 15.99 / $22.950

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