Things that irritate me:


language and 'exclusion' -- the (debunked) Sapir-Whorf hypothesis rears its head again, and again, and...

"If the S-W hypothesis is true, at least in its strong form, then we would expect natural continua like the visual spectrum to be categorically chopped up at random.  If culture is the only variable at play, then there should be a great number of ways that language expresses color. In fact, they found that how languages discriminate the color spectrum is extremely lawful and predictable.  Languages appear to scale between those languages exhibiting the fewest basic color terms to those exhibiting the maximum basic color terms.  This is as one would expect if universal (perhaps heritable biological) factors determine how the mind discriminates the spectrum."
Charles Laughlin
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1S 5B6