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Union mondiale des sociétés catholiques de philosophie

World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies


n.s. Vol. / Bd. 1, no. 1 fall/ automne / Herbst 2000

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The Executive / Le Conseil

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Executive WUCPS/ Conseil - UMSCP 2000-2005

President /président
Prof. George McLean
Cardinal Station, P.O. Box 261
Washington, DC,
20064 USA
tel.: (202) 319-5636
fax.: (202) 319-6089

Past President / Président sortant:
Prof. Jean Ladriere
Rue de Charnoy 6/208
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve,
Belgium / Belgique

Secretary-General / Secrétaire generale:
Prof. William Sweet
Department of Philosophy
St. Francis Xavier University,
Antigonish, NS, B2G 2W5
tel.: (902) 867-2341
fax: (902) 867-3243

The Bulletin is also available in print format (ISSN 1607-4815)

We are pleased to announce the first number of the new series of the Bulletin of the World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies (WUCPS).

The World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies (WUCPS) was established in 1948 in Amsterdam, and is a founding member of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP). (The Federation was founded in keeping with the general policy of UNESCO, promoting the development of democratic structures for the coordination of scholarly work, as an alternative to leaving this to the politics and ideologies of self elected academies.) The principal aim of the World Union (as described by its first President, I.M. Bochenski) is to represent the Catholic philosophical societies of the world in the deliberations of FISP.

For its first two decades the World Union remained in this formal role, which it still fulfills, of representation within FISP. In the 1960s two factors suggested that this was not enough. First, the Second Vatican Council developed the human dimension of the Catholic vision, stressing the presence of the Spirit working, within each person and people. Second, the general social turmoil throughout the world at that time reflected the process of decolonization and the search for equal participation by all groups.

By implication this moved the vision of Catholic philosophers and their societies from concentration upon the precise interpretation of a perennial scholastic philosophy to engaging the deep human issues experienced by peoples as they move ahead in time. The new emergence of the sense of the person and of human solidarity was a point of central concern in the face of the remaining. totalitarian oppression which marked the post World War II period. Hence, for example, in 1978 a World Union conference was hosted by Cardinal Wojtyla in Krakow. This was the last scholarly critique of the philosophy of solidarity before, with his election to the papacy as John Paul II, it blossomed into a movement which, within the decade, dramatically changed the complexion of the region. The volume of papers from this Krakow conference: The Philosophy of Person: Solidarity and Cultural Creativity: Polish Philosophical Studies I was published then in samizdat form and in 1994 by The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy in Washington and by Paideia Publishers in Bucharest.

The natural evolution of this effort was to build bridges of cooperation not only within the community of Catholic philosophers, but to those of other traditions also concerned with the deeper philosophical foundations of human dignity and social progress. This has been done with the International Society for Metaphysics (ISM), a membership organization integrating philosophers from all traditions, and The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP), a committee of leading philosophers from all cultures to identify human issues in need of philosophical reflection, to bring together the needed personnel, and to publish the results of their research -- over 40 volumes published thusfar.

Since 1976, there has been a series of annual world conferences was initiated through the WUCPS and ISM, treating such themes as the human person, society and civil society, and culture:

In 1977, a series of 10 joint colloquia was initiated with Academies of Science in Central and Eastern Europe. These constituted the major systematic bridge for joint philosophical reflection and exchange between East and West Europe during the late '70s and '80s. Since 1987 a similar series of 10 colloquia with the Academies of Science in Beijing and Shanghai and with Peking and Fudan Universities has been the main point of philosophic interchange with China. The series of corresponding volumes is now being brought to press.

In 1980, in order to enable continued in-depth work beyond the possibilities of the single annual general conferences, the African member philosophers developed an approach through research teams. Each is based in a distinct university center thereby enabling continued substantive cooperative reflection and critique in the process of developing a joint volume on a specific theme. Before publication the drafts of these volumes are critically discussed in meetings of representatives of other teams.

To manage this progressively more intensive and extensive effort the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP) was formed in 1983. This committee of leading philosophers from all cultures of the world works to identify human issues in need of philosophical reflection, to bring together in teams the needed personnel, and to publish the results of their research. It serves to coordinate these projects and regional conferences, as well as to co-publish the resulting volumes.

This approach has resulted in a number of volumes from Africa. Since 1989 it has been the major mode of coordinated collaboration in Central and Eastern Europe, where 8 volumes on "Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change" have been published and another 10 on "Building Democratic Societies: Values and Rights" are in process. Similar sets of volumes, especially on Civil Society, are now being. developed in Central and South America, Africa and Central and South Asia.

An annual 10 week seminar in Washington brings together 10 representatives of these teams from all regions of the world along with an equal number of scholars from other disciplines, for interdisciplinary and intercultural studies of such crucial contemporary issues as "Relations between Cultures", "Freedom and Choice in a Democracy" and "Civil Society and Social Reconstruction", from each of which a volume is published.

The purposes of the World Union are:

i) to initiate and develop contacts with individuals and associations who are engaged philosophical research and study in, or consistent with, the Catholic Christian tradition—particularly with those who, for social or political reasons or on account of geographical location, have not been able to do enter into a closer relationship with philosophers elsewhere.

ii) to serve as a conduit of information about meetings, conferences and other matters of common interest

iii) to help, when asked, and as far as possible, in organizing and sponsoring lectures and educational exchanges, particularly in those regions where there is an interest in the Catholic Christian philosophical traditions

iv) to help, when asked and as far as possible, in the publicity and organisation of conferences on themes consistent with the work of the World Union and, especially, with world congresses of Christian philosophers

Conferences and calls for papers

July 23 - 27 juillet 2000 - Montréal
Congrès mondial sur la coexistence humaine à l’aube du troisième millénaire
World Congress on Human Coexistence at the Dawn of the IIIrd Millennium
Congrès mondial sur la coexistence
Département de philosophie, Université de Montréal
C.P. 6128, succ. Centre-ville, Montréal, Qc
Canada H3C 3J7

September 5-8 septembre 2000 - Rome (Italy)
Metaphysics for the Third Millennium
including workshops organised by the World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies
The convergence of metaphysical, religious, sociopolitical, and scientific modalities of thought is at the core of current developments in human culture. Through this Conference, forming part of the Jubilee celebrations for university professors, an effort is being made to create an international forum marked by intellectual depth and well-grounded conviction which can establish the need for metaphysical thought.
Contact: Conference Secretariat, Metaphysics for the Third Millennium , Viale Romania, 32 - 00197 Rome.
Tel.: (39-06) 8448-2734/8448-2721/8448-2500; Fax: (39-06) 854-6470; e-mail :

October 19-22, 2000 -- University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
The American Maritain Association / the Jacques Maritain Center of the University of Notre Dame
Theme: "Faith, Scholarship, and Culture in the 21st Century"
Papers will discuss the ways in which religious faith can influence scholarship and culture. Presentations at the meeting will be limited to 25 minutes reading time.
There are five confirmed plenary session speakers: Alfred Freddoso, Leon Klenicki, George Marsden, Ralph McInerny, and Alvin Plantinga. In addition, the meeting will include several panel sessions related to the Gilson Society (on Jorge Gracia's Metaphysics and Its Task), the Flannery O'Connor Society, the Adler Forum (on Whether Nominalists can be Catholics), Catholic Social Thought, Philosophy and Science, and Philosophy and Education.
Dr. Peter Redpath, St. John's University, 300 Howard Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301
or e-mail:

November 3-4 novembre 2000 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Association canadienne Jacques Maritain / Canadian Jacques Maritain Association
The Programme Committee invites submissions for the fall 2000 Annual Meeting of the CJMA, on the theme of "Maritain, Art and Knowledge." / Le comité du programme vous invite à lui faire des propositions de participation pour la prochaine réunion annuelle tenue sur le campus de l'Université Saint-Paul/ College dominicain, à Ottawa, du 3 au 4 novembre 2000. Le theme sera "Maritain, l'art et la connaissance"
Papers and proposals are to be sent by August 1, 2000, to: Envoyez les textes complets ou le précis des communications régulières, au plus tard, le 1 aout, 2000 à 

Prof. William Sweet, Dept. of Philosophy, St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5 CANADA, e-mail: fax: 1 902 867 3243; tel.: 1 902 867 2341
Notification of acceptance of proposals: September 1, 2000

November 3-5, 2000 - Catholic Institute of Sydney - Strathfield NSW - Australia
Biennial conference in philosophy, religion and culture
Topic: The Body in our Philosophical Literary and Religious Traditions
Dr. Andrew Murray, Catholic Institute of Sydney, 99 Albert Rd, Strathfield NSW 2135
Phone: (02) 9752 9514; Fax: (02) 9746 6022; Email:

November 23-25, 2000 - Department of Philosophy, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan
Workshops on the Theme: Philosophical Perspectives for the Third Millennium: The Dialogue between Christian Philosophy and Chinese Culture
Topic Areas: 1. Philosophy and Culture; 2. The Social, Cultural and Historical Dimensions of Rational Speculation; 3. The Historical Significance of Christian Philosophy for the Third Millennium; 4. The God in Christian Philosophy and The Heaven in Chinese Philosophy; 5. Metaphysics in Christian Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy; 6. Ethics in Christian Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy; 7. The Philosophy of Men in Christian Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy; 8. The World-view (Weltanschaunng) in Christian Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy

February 13-14, 2001 
International research project -- What kind of globalisation for peace?
International Jacques Maritain Institute (Rome)
3rd International Seminar -- Globalisation and cultures
Venue: Hebrew University, Senate Hall
Organising institution: International Jacques Maritain Institute (Rome) in co-operation with
Al-Quds University of Jerusalem (to be confirmed), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome)
For further information, please contact:
Dr Roberto Papini, Secretary General, Institut International Jacques Maritain,
via Flavia 104, 00187 Rome, Italy

May 24-25 / 2001 - Université Laval, Québec, Canada, G1K 7P4
Symposium on: Philosophy, Culture, and Pluralism / Philosophie, culture, pluralisme
Sponsored by l’Association canadienne Jacques Maritain / Canadian Jacques Maritain Association
(in association with the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities / en collaboration avec le Congrès des sciences sociales et humaines)
Speakers will include: Leslie Armour (Dominican College, Ottawa); J. Woiciechowski (Ottawa); Tran Van Doan (Taiwan); Robin Mathews (Simon Fraser); Terry Eagleton (Oxford);
Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez communiquer à / For more information, please contact:
Professor William Sweet, Department of Philosophy, St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5, CANADA; fax 902-867-3243; tel 902-867-2341; Internet:

3 et 4 octobre 2001 - Université de Nantes, France
International Conference Pierre Abélard
The University of Nantes is organizing a conference on the life and works of Peter Abelard, born in the village of Le Pallet, near Nantes. Cultural and artistic activities are planned in conjunction with the conference.
Official Languages: French and English
Contact: Conférence Abelard,
H. Habrias I.U.T.
3 rue Maréchal Joffre
44041 Nantes Cedex 1
More information can be found at the conference web site:

August 8-10 août 2003 - Istanbul, Turkey.
World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies Symposium
Theme: Philosophy, Cultural Identity, and Solidarity
Contact: Prof. William Sweet, Secretary-General, World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies.

August 10-17, 2003 - Istanbul.
21st World Congress of Philosophy
Lütfi Kýrdar International Congress and Fair Center (Istanbul).
The main theme of the Congress will be Philosophy Facing World Problems.
Contact: Ioanna Kuçuradi, President of the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés de Philosophie

Journals of note

Budhi: a journal of ideas and culture
Budhi provides a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural forum for the free exchange of ideas, theoretical viewpoints, and methodological approaches that better define and further develop thought and practice in the study of philosophy, theology, literature, culture, the social sciences, and the arts. It is published three times per year.
Editorial correspondence to:
Prof. Luis S. David, Philosophy Department, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Avenue,
Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City, Philippines. e-mail:

Maritain Studies / Etudes maritainiennes
is a bilingual (English- French) philosophy journal, sponsored by the Canadian Jacques Maritain Association. Est un périodique philosophique bilingue (français-anglais), parrainné par l'Association canadienne Jacques Maritain. 
Études maritainiennes-Maritain Studies publie des articles portant sur divers sujets et thèmes philosophiques auxquels Maritain accordait de l'importance. À peu près la moitié des articles sont d'intérêt philosophique général et leurs auteurs appartiennent à des courants aussi divers que la phénoménologie, l'idéalisme et l'école anglo-américaine. Parmi les plus récents auteurs, on peut retrouver: Ralph McInerny, Alan Gabbey, Danièle Letocha, Hugo Meynell, Lawrence Dewan, Leslie Armour, Thomas de Koninck et Jacques Croteau. Le périodique accepte les manuscrits provenant de tous les courants philosophiques, quoique chaque numéro contient en majorité des articles voués à un thème spécifique.  Études maritainiennes - Maritain Studies publishes articles on the various topics and themes in philosophy that Maritain thought important; about half of the articles address general philosophical concerns, and authors are representative of the phenomenological, idealist and Anglo-American traditions. Recent contributors include Ralph McInerny, Alan Gabbey, Danièle Letocha, Hugo Meynell, Lawrence Dewan, Leslie Armour, Thomas de Koninck and Jacques Croteau. The journal accepts manuscripts in all areas of philosophy, although each issue contains a number of articles devoted to a specific theme. 


The journal is currently indexed in The Philosopher's Index and the Repertoire bibliographique (Louvain). Le périodique est indexé dans le Philosopher's Index et le repertoire bibliographique (Louvain).
Correspondance d'affaire (incluant les abonnement et les membership) devrait être envoyée à l'adresse suivante: M. Louis Perron, 

L'Association canadienne Jacques Maritain 
a/s Département de philosophie, Collège dominicain, 
96 rue Empress, Ottawa (ON) K1R 7G3 CANADA 
adresse électronique:

Business correspondence (including subscriptions and membership in the association) should be directed to: M. Louis Perron, 
The Canadian Jacques Maritain Association, 
a/s Département de philosophie, Collège dominicain, 
96 rue Empress, Ottawa (ON) K1R 7G3 CANADA 
Correspondance éditoriale (manuscrits, livres pour recensions) devraient être envoyés à: 

Professor William Sweet, Redacteur en chef , 

Études maritainiennes-Maritain Studies
Dépt de philosophie, Université Saint François Xavier 
Antigonish (NS) B2G 2W5 CANADA 
Tél: 1 (902) 867-2341; Téléc.: 1 (902) 867-3243 adresse électronique: 

Editorial correspondence (manuscripts, books for review) should be sent to: 

Professor William Sweet, Editor, 

Études maritainiennes - Maritain Studies
Dept of Philosophy, St. Francis Xavier University, 
Antigonish, NS, CANADA B2G 2W5 
Telephone: 1 902 867 2341; fax 1 902 867 3243; 



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