World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies

Workshops in
    Rome, September  5-8, 2000
on the theme of
Metaphysics for the Third Millennium

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The World Union will be participating in workshops on the three principal themes indicated below.
As well, it will be organizing special workshops on the following topics:

Abstracts of papers sponsored by the World Union:
 A.T. Dalfovo  Hugo Meynell  James Thomas
 H. Daniel Dei  Vincent Sekhar  Chibueze C. Udeani
 Pantaleon Iroegbu-1  Anthony Spiteri  Alasdair Beattie
 Pantaleon Iroegbu-2  William Sweet-1  Oliva Blanchette
 Marian Kao  William Sweet-2  Julien Lambinet
 Royden Hunt - 1  Royden Hunt - 2  Tran Van Doan
 Tomas Rosario, Jr.

Principal themes of the Conference

Metaphysics and Culture

Conceptions of the world and the search for meaning 

  The metaphysical interpretation of history. Neglect of personal being 

  Culture and metaphysical language. Hermeneutic and semiotic problems 

Cultural reasons for indifference towards metaphysics 

Metaphysics and Science

The insufficiency of  experimental models and methods 

Metaphysical knowledge and scientific knowledge. The person as the foundation and measure of reality 

Criticism, speculation, and life 

The psychology and sociology of metaphysics 

  Can there be transcendental semiotics and hermeneutics? 

Experience and metaphysical knowledge. The absolute and the relational constitution of the human person

Metaphysics and Religion

Transcendental knowledge.Intelligence and revelation 

The ontology of the religious sphere. Phenomenology and religion

Ethics and religion. Themetaphysical basis for new  proposals in ethics

Is there a specifically
Christian metaphysics? Thetranscendent dimension of  the human person

Is a metaphysics whichintegrates the domains of  rational and revealed knowledge possible?

Metaphysics and religiousexperience. The ontologicaland mystical status of the human person

For further information, please contact:

Professor William Sweet
St Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, Nova Scotia  B2G 2W5
telephone: (1-902-867-2341) fax: (1-902-867-2448)