World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies
Workshops in
Rome, Italy
September  5 - 8, 2000
on the theme of
Metaphysics for the Third Millennium


Metaphysics and Culture 

Conceptions of the world and the search for meaning  

  The metaphysical interpretation of history. Neglect of personal being  

  Culture and metaphysical language. Hermeneutic and semiotic problems  

Cultural reasons for indifference towards metaphysics 

Metaphysics and Science 

The insufficiency of  experimental models and methods  

Metaphysical knowledge and scientific knowledge. The person as the foundation and measure of reality  

Criticism, speculation, and life  

The psychology and sociology of metaphysics  

  Can there be transcendental semiotics and hermeneutics?  

Experience and metaphysical knowledge. The absolute and the relational constitution of the human person

Metaphysics and Religion  


Transcendental knowledge. Intelligence and revelation   

The ontology of the religious sphere. Phenomenology and religion  

Ethics and religion. The  
metaphysical basis for new proposals in ethics  

Is there a specifically  
Christian metaphysics? The  transcendent dimension of  the human person  

Is a metaphysics which integrates the domains of  
rational and revealed knowledge possible?  

Metaphysics and religious experience. The ontological and mystical status of the human person 


Site of the Conference and the Workshops

The Assumption Convention Center, (Centro Congressi Assunzione), Viale Romania, 32 - 00197 Rome.

Official Languages

English, Spanish, and Italian.

Please submit your proposal for the workshops, by December 1, 1999, to:

Professor William Sweet, Department of Philosophy, St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia  B2G 2W5 CANADA

Telephone: (1) (902) 867-2341 Fax: (1) (902) 867-3243; E-mail