Edited by William Sweet
Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 1999
isbn 0-7766-0499-6

  God as Object of Philosophical Argument
  William Sweet 1

Section 1: Conditions for God and Argument

1  God and Argument: Strong and Weak Theories of Existence
   James Bradley 16

2  On Being Certain About the Existence of God
   James Ross 25

3  Pour une réinterpretation phénoménologique de la question de l'existence de Dieu
  Louis Perron  37

4  God, Ethos, Ways
  William Desmond 69

5   Alvin Plantinga's Slip
   Dan Goldstick 90

Section 2: (Re)situating Arguments about God

6  Anselm's Proof and Some Problems of Meaning and Reference
  Leslie Armour 99

7  St Thomas and The Existence of God: Owens vs Gilson, and Beyond
  Lawrence Dewan 119

8  The Argument from Contingency `Then' and `Now'
  Peter Harris 149

9  Le Dieu indémonstrable et indubitable de Kant
  Bernard Vinaty 159

10  Kant's Attack on the Cosmological Argument
  Jason West 181

11  Evidentialism at its Origins and Anglo-American Philosophy of Religion
  William Sweet 197

Section 3: Reconsidering Arguments Concerning God's Existence

12  Une preuve de l'existence de Dieu chez Whitehead?
  Denis Hurtubise 221

13  Theism and Science
  John Haldane 238

14  Miracles as Evidence for God
  Robert Larmer 260

15  The Design Connection
  Elizabeth Trott 272

Contributors 299

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