To the Mountain:
essays in honour of Professor George F. McLean
ed. William Sweet and Hu Yeping

Fujen University Press / summer 2004

      This volume of essays honors George Francis McLean for his friendship, for his contributions to scholarship, and for his tireless support of philosophy and philosophers from around the world. Now Professor Emeritus at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, for over 40 years Fr. George McLean has helped to establish contacts and build relations among philosophers in most of the countries of the world, and hundreds – indeed, thousands – of scholars are in his debt.
    Through the World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies, the International Society for Metaphysics, the Centre for Research in Values and Philosophy, and, most recently, The Center for the Study of Culture and Values, McLean has almost single-handedly mobilized research teams in many countries or regions throughout the globe, and he has been the driving force behind publishing and distributing the results of this research. In many cases, McLean's work has allowed the philosophical work being carried out in Asia, Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe, to have an international audience. Motivating this is McLean's own hermeneutical approach to philosophy and culture.
     Leading scholars from around the world, together with a number of younger academics, have come together to offer him this token of their appreciation and respect on the occasion of his 75th birthday on June 29, 2004.

     Contributors include: William Sweet, Hu Yeping, Yu Xuanmeng, Tran Van Doan, Vincent Shen,
Kirti Bunchua, R. Balasubramanian, Warayuth Sriwarakuel, Jean Ladrière, Ghislaine Florival, Nikolaus Lobkowicz, Plamen Makariev, Edward Alam, Yuriy M. Pochta, Kenneth J. Schmitz, Robert Badillo, Juan Carlos Scannone, Enrique Dussel, Kwame Gyekye, and Semou Pathe Gueye.


    William Sweet


1. George Francis McLean: A Philosopher in the Service of Humanity 
    Hu Yeping (Revised and edited by William Sweet)

2. An Ordinary Man with an Exceptional Ideal for Our Time
: An Appreciation
    Yu Xuanmeng

Part 1 - Asia

3. Pluralistic Culture Versus Cultural Pluralism
    Tran Van Doan

4. Openness to the Other in Chinese Philosophy
    Vincent Shen

5. The Advaita View of Death and Immortality
    R. Balasubramanian

6. Seeking Cultural Identity in National Philosophy
    Kirti Bunchua

7. In Defense of Communitarianism
    Warayuth Sriwarakuel

Part 2 – Europe

Western Europe

8. Universality and Culture
    Jean Ladri

9. Du sens de la mort: la vie
    Ghislaine Florival

10. Be Popper to Information!
    Nikolaus Lobkowicz

Central and Eastern Europe / Middle East

11. Cultural Rights and Deliberative Democracy
    Plamen Makariev

12. Philosophical and Scientific Challenges to the Traditional Concept of Causality
    Edward Alam

13. Narrative Methodology of the Islamic Society’s Analysis in Philosophy of History 
    Yuriy M. Pochta

Part 3 – North America

14. The Lustrous Power of Beauty
    Kenneth J.  Schmitz

15. Contemporary Culture and Appeals to Human Rights
    William Sweet

16. McLean’s Millennial Vision in the Light of Rielo’s Genetic Metaphysics
    Robert Badillo

Part 4 – Central and South America

17. El lenguaje de la religión y sus variaciones según Paul Ricoeur
    Juan Scannone 

18. Deconstruccion del Concepto de “Tolerancia” (de la Intolerancia a la Solidaridad)
    Enrique Dussel

Part 5 – Africa

19. Kwame Gyekye  --  Culture, Religion, and the Pursuit of Science: The African Experience

20. Semou Pathe Gueye - La philosophie à l’épreuve de son monde

Bibliography of the Books of George Francis McLean


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