The Moral, Social and Political Philosophy of the British Idealists
edited by William Sweet

Imprint Academic / forthcoming fall 2009

The British idealists of the late 19th and early 20th century are best known for their contributions to metaphysics, logic, and political philosophy. Yet they also made important contributions to social and public policy, social and moral philosophy, and moral education. Their views are not only important in their own right, but also bear on contemporary discussion in public policy and applied ethics.

This volume introduces readers to the contributions of the British idealists on moral and social theory and practice. Among the authors discussed are TH Green, E. Caird, DG Ritchie, FH Bradley, Bernard Bosanquet, Henry Jones, JME. McTaggart, AS Pringle-Pattison, CCJ Webb, James Ward, JS Mackenzie, HWJ Hetherington, JH Muirhead, RG Collingwood, and Michael Oakeshott. The writings of idealist philosophers from Canada, South Africa, and India are also examined.

Contributors include: Avital Simhony, Philip MacEwen, Darin Nesbitt, Carol A. Keene, Stamatoula Panagakou, David Boucher, Leslie Armour, Jan Olof Bengtsson, Thom Brooks, James Connolly, Efraim Podoksik, Elizabeth Trott, and William Sweet


Introduction: Idealism, Ethics, and Social and Political Thought -- William Sweet

1. A Liberal Commitment to the Common Good: T.H. Green's Social & Political Morality -- Avital Simhony
2. The Moral and Social Philosophy of Edward Caird --
Philip MacEwen
3. D.G. Ritchie's Ethics -- Darin R. Nesbitt
4. The Interplay of Bradley's Social and Moral Philosophy -- Carol A. Keene
5. The Religious Character of Bosanquet's Moral and Social Philosophy Stamatoula Panagakou
6. Henry Jones: Idealism as a Practical Creed David Boucher
7. Metaphysics, Morals, and Politics: McTaggart's Theory of the Good and the Good Life Leslie Armour
8. The Moral, Social, and Political Philosophy of British Personal Idealism -- Jan Olof Bengtsson
9. Muirhead, Hetherington, and Mackenzie -- Thom Brooks
10. Collingwood's Moral Philosophy: Character, Duty, and Historical Consciousness -- James Connolly
11. Without Purpose or Unity: Moral and Social Life in the Thought of Michael Oakeshott -- Efraim Podoksik
12. John Watson and the Foundation and Applications of Moral Philosophy -- Elizabeth Trott
13. British Idealism and Ethical Thought in South Africa and India William Sweet